Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kitchen remodel and some pigs

Thanks to Eileen's prompting, here are some pictures (finally) of our new kitchen:

This photo shows the one cabinet with glass doors -- it's bubble glass and it has a 1920's vibe to it, I think. The dishes are every color and I LOVE them! All the cabinets used to be light oak, with white tile countertops with disgusting grout in between the tiles, and linoleum-made-to-look-like tile floors (which are now beautiful wood!). I'm making the kitchen sound worse than it was -- it was fine, but it's so much prettier now!

Here's the new farmhouse sink and oh-so-sexy faucet. It also shows the honed granite countertops. If you think they look good in the pictures, think again. NEVER get black honed granite countertops -- they show every fingerprint, water ring, and every breath you take! Oh well, live and learn, right?

These pics show kitchen from another vantage point. This photo is taken from the breakfast nook, and gives a great view of the pendant lights which I love. And the next one shows the subway tile design over the cooktop.

Here's a quick peek at the bathroom we redid. We also redid the floors, but you can't see them here. Yes, we intend to have a mirror, but the first one was too small so we returned it. The second one arrived broken (but I refused to accept the bad luck, so it's ok!) and the new one is on order.

Hooray pigs! As long as I had my camera out, I figured I'd treat you to some pig pictures. I painted this pig at Petroglyph (pottery painting place) when Tucker and had a mommy& me night there.

These are just ones I like that live in my office as part of the herd/pack/bacon?

This pig is ready for Mardi Gras, and in case you can't tell, she has wings which makes her extra special.

Ballerina pig is framed and on the wall in the office. It's an image from a calendar called "Precious Piggies" that I get every year. Isn't she adorable?!

And no, these are not all of my pigs, just some of the best ones, but don't tell the others or they'll be sad!


Irene said...

I love the pendant lights in your kitchen!


Brit-Man said...

Hi Leslie.

You may or may not have seen me around before, but I found you through someone elses blog, and I wanted to offer a few words about what I read here just now.

I want to firstly say, I think you're quite an interesting and inspiring person.

I think you have so much going for you, and I'm sorry you had a pretty tough time with your childhood, I won't dwell on that, but whatever you did experience, it certainly hasn't done anything to take the shine off your personality.

I am glad you are finding something positive with the coaching classes, and I want to congratulate you on the running, the healthy eating, and the general welfare of your body.

Without wishing to sound too forward at this point, I think you are a very beautiful woman for someone of 45, and I think you also are an excellent Mother.

You speak of life coaching, and I think your children will get a very good life education from you, not necessarily because of your experiences, but through your love, intelligence and human abilities as a parent.

I know it can't be easy sometimes, when you feel at a low ebb now and again, but I do think though you do have so much to be proud of.

That includes your family setup, exercise and diet efforts, looks, and human abilities.

You do have a right to feel special, and you have a right to feel young, happy and healthy, because life is what you make it, and you're still plenty young enough to be whoever you want to be.

You say can you be someone outside of a Mother and wife, and I say YES.

You do have years, spare time, and plenty of untapped opportunities, ot discover more of yourself.

I'm sure whatever you did want to do, to add a bit more colour or sparkle to your life, your family and health commitments would never be compromised.

You deserve to be truly proud of what you have, and the person you are.

You are only as old as you feel, you deserve to feel 25. You look about 38, and GOOD FOR YOU, for making the lifestyle pay off.

Don't ever let anything or anyone stop you being who you are, feeling like you deserve to, and making the progress you make physically.

I think you're doing wonderfully well, in all areas of life, and I think you're an amazing person.

You're definitely an inspiration at your age, to be so active, and despite certain experiences in life, to be so human, warm, and genuine.

I want to wish you well for the future, I want to send you lots of GOOD LUCK with whatever you do, and I hope you find more of the happiness you have a right too.

I hope you conintue to get great physical results, and to find a bit of time to keep loving yourself, and celebrating your womanhood.

You're a long way off being nowhere Leslie, and you prove beccoming more mature in years, is no barrier except to those who let it.

You prove what can be achieved when you spend a bit of time, making it happen.

Keep your chin up, be strong, and most of all keep smiling. You are clearly a wonderful person, and your life looks pretty sorted for the most part.

I want to if you don't find this too forward, to send you some HUGS, and to let you know I understood what you wrote, I understood your own personal battle to find more of life, and the fight your emotions, to keep enjoying what you have, but you certainly should feel proud, and compared to other people who don't exercise, and those who take their homelives for granted, you put the effort in, and get results and that can only be admired.

GOOD LUCK, and keep going. It is hard, and I'm sure I'll find it more tough in my 40's. I still have a few days when it feels harder to make some physical effort, and I'm 30, so kudos to you for making things happen, and never letting life get one over on you.

Best wishes, and I look forward to keeping track of your progress. I think you're capable of some special results, and I'll try to make some time when I can, to check in on you, and see how you're doing.

Have a great day Leslie, and best wishes to you and the family :-).


Eileen said...

Very nice! I love your pigs. Cute thing to collect. Your wall color looks similar the mine...mine is Glidden, one of the colors is called "Cookie Crumb", lol. I actually used 4 different shades from the same card in various rooms...only the bedrooms are not "from the card" so it flows a little better than before when we had too many different colors all over the place. My hall bathroom is without mirrors as well! We have the one that went in there before, but we bought counter-height cabinets for the bathrooms so now the old mirrors will not fit between the counters and the light fixtures, duh. One day mine will be ready for pictures....yours looks great!

FV Tom said...

Lovely pictures! Your house looks gorgeous.

Your SoCal neighbor,

Tim said...


Thanks for all the kind words about my wife, but I will be the one doing the hugging.