Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trying to write, but can't

Power was out for a good part of today, so couldn't write about Western States. When power went on, I wrote in detail about the experience, but before I could submit the post, my computer went strange, and I lost what I'd written. Now I don't have time to write what I want to say. So here's the super short version:

  • Western States is cool.
  • Spending time with Jenny is a blast!
  • I will never run Western States.
  • Triple digit temps don't help runners (the 1st place man finished more than two hours slower than last year's front runner). And by 8:00 last night, more than 100 runners had been DQd because they hadn't made it to the checkpoints before they closed.
  • I am officially in training for CIM!
  • Driving the last 3 miles to the aid station is the hardest driving I've ever done. Thank goodness for 4WD, an awesome navigator, and pure dumb luck. Those things kept us for heading off the side of a cliff or getting completely stuck on the tough terrain.
  • Ultrarunners are neat and it was fun spending time with some pretty amazing people.
  • Seeing Dean Karnazes was very exciting! He looked strong, fast, and handsome (I threw in the "handsome" because Jenny would be mad if I didn't mention it!).

Ok, time to spend some quality time with the whole fam. Long run planned for the morning. Foot is feeling pretty good, due to new shoes, ice, and anti-inflams.

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Brit-Man said...

I hate the when info get lost. Smetimes if it's a long entry I save it as a draft, and then continue to edit.

I did find as well one time, that Blogger information stores as cookies, so if you check for recently created cookies on the harddrive you can read what's in them.

However when I've tried to retrieve said information, it comes out with a lot of "%20" bits in it, where the punctuation and spaces were, so you have to remove all those, after pasting the info back in.


GOOD LUCK with the CIM. I am very confident you will do it. I think you have the human ability, heart and determination to succeed, so I know you'll do really well.

Take care Leslie :-).