Monday, June 05, 2006

Soccer is a blast!

Just got home from my -- I mean, my kid's -- 6th grade field trip. They went to the sports complex in Rocklin, which includes indoor soccer, and boy oh boy is soccer fun! Because I wore sandals, I had to play barefooted, and I was luckier than my friend who sprained her toe playing barefoot. :( My shins are bruised (6th graders can kick HARD!), but my heart is happy, and it was tremendously fun to feel like a kid. I think it's better than most face creams on the market, in terms of reducing the signs of aging!!!

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fitnessfreak said...

You should find a team to play on. I play on a women's team once a week and a coed team once a week with my husband. I have a blast and tend to take it very serious. It is indoor year round. I have been playing for 8 years.