Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wahine on holiday

We've only been here 24 hours, but already it feels like I'm on island time, which means whenever we get there -- wherever "there" happens to be -- it's the right time.

On vacation, I struggle with how much indulgence is enough. When we came to Hawaii last year, I was training for Women's Tri-Fitness, so I was very careful about what I ate. This year that's not the case, and it makes it hard to know when to say when. I'm pretty sure I had a few too many chocolate covered macadamia nuts last night, though. I couldn't bear to look at the actual calorie count, but I did catch sight of the fact that the package I ate -- well the stupid manufacturers of the package -- think there are FIVE servings in that package. Pffffft. Whatever.

Here's what I get fitness brownie points for:
Lifting weights this morning
Doing cardio this afternoon
Smart ordering at dinner tonight

Here are the things that negate any brownie points:
a few chocolate macadamia nuts (ok -- 5 servings! but they were really good!!!)
splitting a huge package of donuts with my husband tonight (YUM!)

I think I'm going to exercise a little more moderation in the next week, cuz it just sucks to have to spend a month working off just a few days of crazy eating. The tradeoff is just not worth it.

I felt SO THIN at the airport yesterday, and you can too. Here's how:
Buy some pants when you're at a heavy weight.
Lose weight, but keep pants.
Then wear pants while travelling. The resulting illusion of Nicole Richie-like waifness makes the airport Cinnabon (should that have made it onto a list before, or does it not count, since it was consumed on the mainland?) go down real easy!

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Eileen said...

How about an every other day thing...every other day is very clean, and then the alternating days are not quite so, with one day of all out pigging out (preferably your last day).