Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Whatever's in my head

In no particular order, here's what I'm thinking:

1. I did a 9.5 mile run yesterday and feel GREAT about it. My plan is to build my base miles to 20 - 22 per week, and then start adding long runs to train for endurance.

2. Got some new running shoes -- Mizunos, which I love. It's funny -- Tim buys whatever is on sale for $40 or less. I guess we balance each other out, cuz I spend a fortune (relatively) on running shoes. Also, he cuts his own hair (free) and I -- well, again I spend a fortune by comparison. Ok, so I don't want to think about this one anymore...

3. If you read my old blog, you may remember where a guy at the nail salon asked me an insulting question. Here's the instant replay, for anyone who missed it:

Twenty-something Vietnamese nail guy: How many grandchildren you have?

Me: Excuse me?

T-s V ng: How many GRANDchildren you have?

Me: My kids are 12 and 10 -- I'd better NOT have any grandchildren!

When I see him now, I glare at him.

Ok, so here's a conversation at Costco yesterday:

Guy who checks your receipt at the door: Hello, young lady!

Me: Wow -- thanks!

Guy: How is it that you never age? I've seen you here for years, but you never get any older!

Me: Well, my new best friend (yes, I did say that), you just made my day. Watch me as I skip to my car!

I'm still smiling thinking of that.

4. Went to the gym today and did upper body weights and an intense lower body weight workout. I'm now using 12 pounds weights for shoulders, which is exciting cuz after the injury I could only lift 3 pounds, and it was tough, tough, tough.


Eileen said...

Glare at him (the nail guy)? You should HIT him!

I balance my husband out too....he thinks he's spent a fortune on shoes when they are $50. PUUULLLEEEEZZZZZZZZE! Not that I really buy too many expensive shoes lately since I just don't need them, but the desire is still there!

Brit-Man said...

When I buy stuff like that, I find you can get the same usage out of things, with a less well known label on, and pay 50-60% less. A lot of big brand products are just a Label, the functionality and wear, are often increased by 10% if that.

I'm not a really big spender at all.

BIG CONGRATS on the run, and WELL DONE, getting to the point where you can lift the 12lb's. It's obviously taken a lot of mental strength, heart and courage to get to this point.

I feel a lot of pride for you as an onlooker of sorts, and you definitely deserve to feel proud of yourself too.

You can do this, and I know you'll succeed at the race.

GOOD LUCK for the future Leslie,
and have a great day :-).


Jules said...

Hi, Leslie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading your comments on my saggy boob post. =) You look fantasitc AND I'm impressed with your 10 mile run. Will I ever, ever be able to do a 10-miler? I highly doubt it. But who knows ...

oldLobo said...

Build a maintainable base. People do it on less, but it is better to be doing something in the 50 mile per week range mileage-wise to prepare for a marathon. To qualify for Boston, this kind of mileage is essential.

What really matters is the mileage you can hit over time, though. A couple of big runs aren't as good as a couple of good weeks, which aren't as good as a couple of good months, etc.

That's marathon training. You've already done a solid half marathon, as I recall, so for you it is just a matter of giving yourself enough time to build up.

As far as shoes go, I always say that shoes are cheaper than injuries. Go with whatever works. You're probably going to want 3 pairs to rotate through when you're doing marathon training. I use different models for different workouts. Don't skimp here. You will get hurt. Good luck.