Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Running fun and an article

There was a woman at Western States whose husband is an ultra runner. I asked her how he fits in training, since he's married and has kids. She said he does a great job of including his family in training. So for example, if he needs to do 16 miles one day, he'll tell his family that whoever wants to run with him needs to be ready by 8:30. Then he'll go out and do 10 miles alone, timing it so he gets home at 8:30. Then he'll take his son and run another 3 miles, this time at his son's pace. Then he drops his son off, and his wife and daughter come with him. That way, he's done 16, and his family feels included.

So this morning I did 6-1/2 miles (yes, the "1/2" is important to me!) and when I got home at 7:45, Tucker was up and wanting to run with me. So we went out and did a mile together. We jogged, we walked, and at one point he just took off sprinting, and I couldn't catch him! The best part was that he must have told me at least 5 times things like, "Mommy, this is my best thing!" and "I'm having so much fun!" So even though I don't know how to get in touch with her, here's a big thank you to Chris, the ultra marathon guy's wife, for the fantastic suggestion!

From Eating Well

This is the best article I've seen in a long time on how to maintain your weight. Check it out here! Hope you like it.

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Brit-Man said...

Keep going Leslie. You're doing really well, and I'm glad your children are wanting to get involved with you.

It shows what a wonderful parent you are.