Friday, June 09, 2006

A Random List of 10 things

1. has great audio workouts. Yesterday I did a 40 minute treadmill workout, and because I'm incapable of staying on the treadmill longer than 30 minutes, you know there was something different here!

2. I LOVE framed kids art. I got some Pottery Barn frames -- black frames with thick white mats -- and put a couple of my kids' pictures in the office. They look great and they make me smile!

3. We leave for Hawaii in the morning and I can't wait!!!

4. I love pigs, but only ones that look cool and funky, not country and stupid. I especially like Olivia the Pig because of her sassy attitude, which I need more of!

5. My oldest son is now officially in Junior High. He's totally ready. I'm not so sure if I am!

6. Both my sons and I rode our bikes to Starbucks this morning. I always knew there were no flat places in Rocklin, and after riding my bike, most of the time standing up and pedaling hard, I'm sure of it. Nonetheless, it was super fun!

7. I ran with Jenny this morning -- six good miles. And I can tell I'm getting stronger because we ran all the way up some pretty good sized hills.

8. I'm completely, unabashedly addicted to books. I love Barnes and Noble. I think Amazon is the best thing on the planet, especially since I joined Amazon Prime, and now they ship stuff to me fast for free. And every time there's a package from Amazon (and it happens a fair amount), it feels like a present.

9. I tried a Tracie Long workout video the other day and loved it. I'm a huge believer in functional fitness, which if I understand it right, means exercising so that your entire body works better in life (as opposed to simply focusing on getting bigger muscles). She had some really innovative moves that had me laughing at my inability to do them. And when you use a paper plate to do lunges (so your back foot can slide on carpet) -- OMG it's effective!

10. I have a weekend protected so I can do the first coaching class in San Rafael in September. It's intense: 10 - 6 Friday, 9 - 6 Saturday, 9 - 6 Sunday and I'm nervous. But excited.

11. (Bonus) To everyone who emails me or comments on what I write: THANK YOU! Writing is hugely theraputic for me, and I write as though nobody will read my words. But when someone does read what I write, and then offers their insight, or has a suggestion, or says something nice -- well, that makes a WORLD of difference to me. Because I have difficulty making my computer open the Comments window (sometimes I can, sometimes I can't), I don't write back to each comment, but they are super duper appreciated!


None said...

I'm going to check out now. Thanks for the info. Have fun in Hawaii!!

Eileen said...

Have a good trip. Very jealous!

Love Barnes & Noble and Amazon too. My kids love them too.

I've also framed a lot of my kids''s the best stuff we have. I wish I had more walls.