Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend update

The run with Jenny went great. We did about 6 miles with not too much walking, and Jenny let me set the pace, which was hugely appreciated. This morning Jenny did a FIFTEEN MILE trail run. I'm beyond impressed, and amazed that she can stand running with me!

So today we got a TON done. I slept in till 9:00, which shocked me -- I didn't think I was capable of sleeping past 7:00. We hit the gym at 9:45 and both did a quick weight workout. Then we spent the better part of the day working in the yard, including preparing a raised bed for planting, then buying and planting tomatoes and peppers. We're also in the process of getting some new furniture, so we bought a dining room table and chairs, and picked up the chairs, with the table coming in next week.

Tomorrow's plan includes a six-mile run EARLY since it's supposed to hit 95 degrees, putting more knobs on the kitchen cabinets, and general work around the house. Tim's golfing later in the afternoon, and the kids and I are going to check out a cool open house. The house is called the Storybook Cottage and it was part of the Street of Dreams a few years ago. It has chess pieces as chimneys, really cool stained glass and exposed brick on the outside of the house, and I can't wait to see the inside. I think it's going for $1.4M, with a tiny backyard, although it is on a golf course.

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