Sunday, September 03, 2006

Technology. Running.

Technology first. You must check out this post on the Ma Cherie weblog. She tells you how to use Firefox's NewsFox to check for weblog updates. I switched from Explorer to Firefox (and incidentally, am no longer finding various cookies and spyware thingeys on my computer anymore -- THANK YOU Firefox!), and got NewsFox like she said. What an amazing difference!!!

Ok, on to running. I'm still doing rehab on my hamstring. I got a foam roller (thanks Lobo!) and have been using it to break up any adhesions inside the hamstring. Also ice is my friend. In the past week I've only run twice, and each time was really slow and careful. Yesterday I did 4 miles, and was able to push my pace a little. Hamstring didn't hurt afterwards, which is a very good thing. So I'm moving in the right direction. But I think the marathon is out of my reach this time. Remember my mottos: Don't be stupid. and Do something! ?? Well, the marathon is only 12 weeks away, and I don't think that's enough time to build up the miles to do it. Lobo -- if you're reading, what do you think? The qualify for Boston goal is out of the picture for sure. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, just realistic, and even though qualifying for Boston would be great, it's not worth it at the expense of my long-term running ability, you know? I tell you, it's hard when your mind wants to go go go and your body is not cooperating!


oldLobo said...

I think it is a good decision to back off on the marathon right now. A 12 week marathon program, which to me is minimal, should start from a basis of consistent running.

Though you don't need to run 100 miles a week, neither is it good to do a marathon on limited, inconsistent mileage. Just to give you a time frame, by the time Boston rolls around in April, I will have been training again for 2 years (about 6 months of which was gym work just to get in good enough shape to start training for competitive distance running). Lots of people do it on less, but I think this way is better.

Work on setting a 5K and/or 10K PR first. It will make you a better runner than training to slog through a slow marathon. Just be confident that you will get there.

Glad those foam rollers have worked for you. They have really helped me. I haven't been injured yet.

Chérie said...

Don't you just love Firefox- it's so much more secure and blocks so many annoying spyware things. Plus the bonus Newsfox feature for us bloggers! I'm glad you found my post useful. Jess just saved me by posting that file on her blog because I accidentally forgot to save mine when I upgraded Firefox the other day. Oops!

I must come back and get to know you better later. Nice to "meet" you.