Monday, January 08, 2007


Why is it that when I'm working out, I can think of millions of things to write about, but when I actually sit down, nothing comes to mind?

Ok, here's one thing -- I'm seriously trying to de-fluff. To that end, I've been cutting way back on my eating (easy to cut back when on vacation I was eating, like, 10 times a day!), eating more raw foods and juices, and relying heavily on Diet Mountain Dew. I know, I know, the contradiction of "raw foods and Diet Mountain Dew" is not lost on me, ok? But it's working! And I'm watching Kana's cleansing program with interest. I've read several times about Isagenix and must admit that I'm intrigued.

Today I did two workouts. Hill repeats (run and walk) for 30 minutes before getting Tucker from school. Then went to the gym and did the Crossfit workout where you row 1000 meters, then do dead squat/presses. I used a 15 pound Body Bar cuz it's all I could find, and did a total of 100 squat/presses. Only took 25 minutes to do the workout, but it was TOUGH!

Here's one thing I was thinking about during the hill repeats. Tomorrow (January 9th) is my birthday. I'm turning 46, which sounds VERY VERY OLD. In fact, when I went to type "46" my fingers moved one key to the left and hit "35" which looked way more right to me. But, in fact, I'm 46 now. And looking back on my life, I see themed decades. For example:

Ages 15 to 25: Trying to find my way.
Ages 25 - 35: Got my job, got my man!
Ages 35 - 45: Mommy's my name.
Ages 45 - ??: Life is for the taking!

Ok, so maybe "life is for the taking" isn't exactly what I should put there, but I can't think of anything else. The point is that as I turn 46, there is excitement and anticipation of what's on the horizon, and that feels great!

On a final (for now) note, I feel like a REAL PERSONAL TRAINER because I was accepted by the Adidas 3-Stripes program, where trainers get discounts on workout gear -- COOL, huh? One thing I notice is that if you train a client, you wear fitness clothes, and although you're not doing the actual workout, you do enough of it that it requires changing afterwards, unless all you've got planned is your own workout. So I'm going through fitness clothes like crazy. I still like my "uniform": track pants and a short-sleeve UA top (soon to be Adidas, though!).


rockenmama said...

Happy Birthday hun!!

P.S I doubt the fluff will be there for long!

KatieFeldmom said...

♪♫ Happy Birthday to You ♫♪
Hope you have a great day!!!!!

Colette said...

Leslie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wow!! I hope I look as great as you do when I turn 46 (not to far away). Oh, and you'll be de-fluffed in no time!! Glad you had a wonderful vacation, and what a special memory you have!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope it's wonderful!


From Irene - Magazine Smiles
(Blogger is not letting me post under my own identtity!!!)

Brit-Man said...

Leslie, you deserve to be so, so proud of yourself. You have done amazing things in your life, your Figure contest, your Running races, Parenting, your Certification etc etc, and everything you have done thus far, has made you into an emotionally gifted, warm and wonderful human being.

Nobody could expect you to be any better Leslie, because on the human scale, you're up there with the very best, and we all appreciate your words, inspiration and human qualities a lot.

I know you're the oldest person I communicate with on Blogger, but you're someone I think of as a wise head on young shoulders.

To me, you've been a great source of positive energy, and 46 will be a fantastic year for you, and the year when all that hard fought for personal success, starts to bear fruit, and you've done the hard graft, to be where you are now, so know is your time to sit back and admire the handywork.

Time to be truly proud of your accomplishments, and time to make that business plan become fruitful.

Whatever the next 12 months brings, I will try to follow your progress with great interest, and I wish you nothing but the very, very best of everything, and many heartwarming moments and smiles, to add a little extra to your days.

Keep working for all you richly deserve, and keep looking after that big heart, and big passion for the things you do in life.

Your time has arrived, and now you can start to fully realise all you are, and take all that human worth and potential you have, and expand on it a bit more.

You are a fantastic advertisement for good living, so GOOD LUCK for the future, and never stop believing in your yourself, or your abilities.

Best wishes Leslie, and I hope your big day was everything you deserved.

:-) :-).


Jen said...

Let's hear it for Leslie turning 46 and looking FABULOUS! Way to go, girl! The best is yet to come, I'm sure of it.

And I'm right behind you...