Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh how I love my training room!

This is the view from the door. What you can't see, cuz it's right over your head, is the Door Gym pull-up bar. One other thing you can't know about, cuz a picture can't convey it, is how GREAT the rubber flooring (that Tim installed!!!) feels on your feet. Oh, and the bench adjusts from flat to incline and decline and also feels great.

These are the Hampton weights that look like jewelry. They are shiny chrome and have a rubberized grip that feels smooth and good in your hands.

Lots of fun can be had with a core board and a stability ball!

LOVE my squishy med balls. These are 4 lb, 6 lb, 8 lb, and 10 lb and they feel great in your hands and let you do lots of playful effective exercises.

Even the sticks (ok, they're really Body Bars) are squishy. How stuff feels is VERY important to me!

So the Kettlebells aren't squishy, but they are grippey and the colors are pretty!

Speaking of colors, I LOVE my clock. The colors change constantly.

This picture is titled "The Woman who Wanted it All!" Everything about it, from the title to the image to the abstract yet recognizable quality of the art to the colors, is perfect. And true!

Ok, so that's the training room. What's missing is a mirror (to open the room and check form), attachments for tubing (which I have, but didn't show), and of course, words! I'm getting quotes from Wallwords. The quote about the closet door will be "Hard work pays off!" The others (of course there will be others) will come in time...


Eileen said...

It is of course wonderful. And the wall color -- looks like the exact same color as my living room and hallway.

You have such **cool** stuff in there...from both an aesthetic and functional viewpoint.

We have that rubber flooring stuff underneath the swingset and covering part of our patio (because it is a chunky exposed aggregate which really tears up kids's knees when they fall). It is great stuff.

I really like the clock -- where did you get it?

KatieFeldmom said...

How frickin cool! I love it!!!!! I love all of the colors and that clock is awesome. Where did you get that?

Brit-Man said...

You should be proud of what you have there Leslie, you've shown a very creative streak, and the main thing is you like it, and that's the key factor.

I personally like it, except the body bars. I might end up pretending to be a Star wars Chartacter, and not do anything much ;-) ;-).


Babygirl said...

LOVELOVELOVE the training room. Gorgeous! I'm so proud of you!