Sunday, January 21, 2007


Hugs to everyone who has written comments -- they're like the icing on the bloggy cake (that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean!). Thank you for the encouragement and support. A few comments need clarification or answers, so here goes:

Shelly -- Burpees are a total body exercise that's sometimes called squat thrusts that you'll probably remember from elementary school PE. Here's how they go:

Start from standing.
Squat deeply, placing hands on ground.
Jump back to plank position.
Do a pushup.
Jump back to the squat position.
Jump up, lifting arms to the sky.

That's one rep. Tim and I are going to do today's Crossfit workout (the Filthy Fifty). It includes 50 burpees. $@!&

Pamela asked what we figured out for Jenny with her ankle issues. Nearly every squat and lunge is out, and that made it tough, since squats and lunges are the foundation of great lower body work. The one squat that didn't require too much flexion or extension of her ankle was to go from sitting on a weight bench to standing up. And even with no weight, if you do enough of these, with a really pronounced squeeze at the top, you'll feel it. The other thing she can do is very "old school" exercises with a resistance band around her legs. Does anyone remember side leg lifts or fire hydrants or any of the Jane Fonda-ish lower body work? Well, these exercises may not be as effective as squats and lunges, but if you add resistance, they'll kick your butt!

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Brit-Man said...

That's interesting about the Burpees, and Squat Thrusts, because to my knowledge, and all the times I did classes, a Squat Thrust was a Burpee, without the Jump part on the end, like you described.

I'm certainly not trying to disrespect your knowledge Leslie, it's just every time I've ever done a Burpee, a Squat Thrust was basically the Burpee movement, with no jump on it, it was never described as a different name for a Burpee, as you said.

Anyway, I hope you're doing fine. Best wishes and GOOD LUCK to you :-) :-)