Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today's workout

Today is a really busy fun day, so workout had to be quick. Just got back from the gym where I did:

light stretch, then 5 sets of
handstand practice, about 3 minutes
10 overhead squats w/18 pound Body Bar

Finished up with some single leg presses at 100 pounds, then some yummy stretching. Took about 25 minutes, and seemed to hit just about everything.

The overhead squats were inspired by this video. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nicole's physique -- lean, athletic, feminine. And just using an 18 pound bar, when you're holding it with your traps and rhomboids activated -- well, by the 5th set, I was plenty tired. So it's hard to even get my mind around NINETY FIVE POUNDS!

So here's the rest of my day:

Head downtown to meet a girlfriend for lunch (and I get to dress up like a real working person!)
Back to pick up kids and supervise homework
Kids leave for gymnastics at 4:10
I head out to The Kitchen for dinner with my husband and his team from work. Click here if you want to see what we're having for dinner. As you can tell, today is SO my free day!


Eileen said...

I went to the sporting goods store today (after the gym) to get some new workout clothes and of course I had to look at the gadgets there first...

I came across the display of those weighted body bars and I told Brandon, "Look, they have Leslie Bars!"

He didn't quite get it, but I did....

Irene said...


Laurie said...

Wow, that is an impressive video!! I've never tried squats like that, I'm gonna have to give it a shot - with a much, much lighter weight.

Dinner looks good too!

Thanks for the inspiration, ideas, and stopping by my blog - check back tomorrow to see how the rock climbing went - assuming that I can move my fingers to type.

Brit-Man said...

Yummy Stretching??? That's a new one ;-) ;-).

I may possibly never look at stretching the same way again.


Colette said...

That video is something to try, for sure! Your last blog entry was very interesting...I'm going to be reading the article now. I love stuff like that ;)

Hope you enjoyed your dinner and free day ;)

Meghan said...

Wow, the overhead squats look like a kick butt workout! Nicole rocks, I like her form too. I am still working on form, I can't squat that low yet while keeping my back in a natural position. Do you complete the CrossFit workouts from the website? That's my goal for next year!