Monday, January 29, 2007

Starting my day over at 3:30 pm!

I've been fighting a nasty cold for the past few days. My eating stayed clean until yesterday at Stanford. We arrived for a gymnastics meet that was delayed by more than two hours. Now keep in mind that what I wanted was to spend the day in bed, and NOT sitting on bleachers in a gymnasium. So we sat on those bleachers from 3:30 till after 10:00 last night, arriving home at 1:15 or so this morning. And that bleacher time was filled with whatever-the-heck-makes-me-feel-better food. Veggies do not make me feel better. M&M's, however, seem to help. And today has been filled with diet sodas and Doritos, in a flashback to my comfort foods of a long time ago.

So I've decided as of NOW to start my day over. I have a giant jug of water in front of me, and once I'm done writing I'll be getting some yummy vegetables to munch on (if this sounds sarcastic, GOOD! It's meant that way!).

Comments on comments

In an abrupt change of subject, and with no reference to the people who asked (because my head feels like a pillow right now, and that makes even typing an effort!), here are some answers to some questions:

I've finally looked over the RAVE diet, and have a few thoughts. It's pretty militant (nothing processed, nothing animal, etc.), but certainly makes some sense. Anything that moves anyone towards eating more fresh stuff and less processed stuff is good, in my opinion. I haven't watched the CD, because I read some reviews, and it sounds kind of graphic in its attempts to convert people to being vegetarian. But I agree that eating less meat and more veggies is a great way to go.

(new paragraph to make this more readable) A book that has some of the same ideas, but seems more gentle is Mariel Hemingway's Healthy Living from the Inside Out. In it she talks about foods that are noisy and foods that are quiet. For example, I'm pretty sure that Diet Mountain Dew and Doritos are noisy foods, because they disrupt the body's natural balance. And I also really liked this post by Shelly, as well as the article it references.

I think it was Meghan who asked if I do the Crossfit workouts. I sure try to, but I usually have to modify the weights they post. My left shoulder has dislocated several times, and keeping it in the socket is quite important to me. So any kind of overhead lift has to be way lighter for me. But I like the intensity of the workouts, and tend to pattern my own workouts in a similar way. For example, on Friday night I did a workout where I alternated 20 wall ball shots with squats (using a 10 pound medicine ball) with 20 jumping pullups. I did 5 rounds of each and it was HARD! But I liked the balance in the workout, with the squats hitting the entire lower body (especially because I was squatting to an 8" step, which meant the squats were quite low), the wall ball shots using chest, shoulders, and triceps, and the jumping pullups hitting the back and biceps.

On a final note, Tucker did GREAT at Stanford and it looks like he's going to qualify for the state championships. He needs two all around scores of 50.0 or higher, and he got a 51.05 this meet. In two weeks, he's competing in Las Vegas, then San Francisco, then Oakland, and so it goes.

And if you read about Austin's injury back in November, well, he's now back to gymnastics practice, but he's pretty convinced he'll quit at the end of this season. His heart just isn't in it now that he knows what life can be like without 20 hours of gymnastics a week. While there's a big part of me that wants him to find that fire inside again, because he has worked SO hard and loved it for SO LONG, if it's not for him, then it's not for him. I'd sure love to see him compete one last time, though.

And with Tucker saying this is his last season, who knows? We might be able to have dinners on a regular basis as a family again! THAT would be lovely indeed!

Time for veggies...


Eileen said...

Yep, the kids in sports/activities thing has two, I'm happy to see them do the activities, but on the other hand, it's always nice when they are NOT doing them and life is less hectic.

Thanks for the info on RAVE...I know now it's not for me because I already know I won't stick with something militant. But I do like the description of noisy/quiet foods and I'm sure Diet Mountain Dew cannot be considered quiet. I'm cutting back on Diet Coke myself and it is hard!

I mostly love the start-over of your day. I started out funky today but at 4:00 p.m., I realized things had turned around. Or was it just the way I was looking at them? Either way, it got much better so all that was before 4:00 p.m. was just preparation.

Colette said...

After hearing about yesturday I don't blame you one bit for eating whatever the heck sounded good! What a day/night!!! Glad your back on with the healthy stuff ;)

When I heard about the RAVE book I wasn't thrilled...I know that ANY "diet" that eliminates a whole food group is NOT a good one. Everything in moderation.

I think it's wonderful that you are being okay with Austin not continuing with gymnastics. He's tried it, knows he's great at it, but wants to just be a kid for now. Now he knows that you are there supporting whatever he chooses to explore in life...what a great feeling that is, i'm sure ;)

Enjoy the rest of your week, Leslie!!

Brit-Man said...

You're doing a fantastic job of your life leslie, and with your children.

He might not want to do what you thought he might excel at, but I'm sure he'll make you proud of him, whatever he does in his adult years, just like I'm sure he'll feel proud of you too.

You're a wonderful person, and a wonderful parent, and that's more than some people / families, could ever hope to have.

Keep up the hard work with your lifestyle, you are an inspiration :-) :-).


Laurie said...

First Congrats to you kids, that's fantastic!!! And kudos for you for not pushing your son, if he's hearts not in it - I hope I can remain so neutral when my daughter starts making her own choices like that.

Way to get back on track, I'm attempting that manuever myself right now after a rough morning.