Monday, January 15, 2007

Mom overtime, today's workout, and tofu

When your kid argues with you for 30 nonstop minutes, and you don't lose it, you should earn mom overtime or something, don't you think?

Today went NOTHING like I thought it would. Both clients unable to come (for good reasons), so in exercise clothes, no makeup, and turning on a dime, I found a place for Tucker to go so I could take Austin and his friend to the new skate park at 50 and Power Inn, which is 45 minutes or so away. Stayed for 3 hours, which sounds like a long time, but worked out well, cuz I read some training materials, Tim came and brought lunch to us all (since he works about 10 minutes away), and then I realized I could fit in a workout. (I was already dressed for the occasion.) There's a path around the whole skate park (and the dog park that's next door), and there are picnic tables. So I did running/walking/lunging laps around the parks, stopping at the picnic tables for pushups (on the bench -- about 40 or 50), step ups (maybe 50 or so each leg), dips (20??), and on the bench with no back, side bench leaps (50 or so). I was active for about 45 minutes.


So I don't know how many hundreds of dollars I've wasted buying tofu, letting it expire, and throwing it out. But it's a lot of money. I found a recipe on Allrecipes for a tofu salad where you stir fry the tofu with garlic (lots!) and soy sauce and peanuts, then chill it and add some lime juice, sweet chili sauce, cucumber and cilantro. Well, Tucker tried it when it was just at the garlic and soy sauce stage and pronounced it marvelous. So we added a little chili sauce and some lime juice and called it good. My wonderfully adventureous family had a vegan dinner tonight, with aforementioned tofu, brown rice, and a simple green salad, and we all agreed it was wonderful!


Brit-Man said...

Great revision of the situation Leslie. Must have bummed you, to know those people weren't going to show, but good for you working the situation to your advantage.

Well done, and take care.

:-) :-).


KatieFeldmom said...

Awesome Job!!!!!!!
Thanks for your email! I will heed your advice. I think I will not do the single shoulders until week 5 to give my back some time to heal thoroughly.

Pamela said...

Sounds like you're a busy girl! love the idea about the food & fridge ..that LOOKS awesome.. yea I know weird but I LOVE it! Thanks for the comments on my blog.. & it was actually Jayne Poteet ...& she includes Kegels! whooo hooo! ~lol~
You'll have to write me some time & tell me what you figured out for your friend with the ankle.. I'd Love some ideas!

Irene said...

"Mom over time." LOL... I'm sure you've earned "mom points" somewhere...

I'll have to try the tofu. It sounds yummy!

Scarlett said...

Keep up the good work.