Monday, February 26, 2007


Thank you to everyone who wrote words of encouragement and understanding. What usually takes several days to dig out of feels like it's nearly gone. The writing helped because it exposed my secret. Then I practiced what I think of as extreme self care. I took all of my vitamins and ate healthy (instead of eating crap). I took a nap (!) (instead of loading up on caffeine). I listened to good music as I cooked dinner (instead of listening to my own whirling thoughts). Basically I did the opposite of everything that I would normally do. (Felt a little like George Castanza on Seinfeld when he decides his life will work better if he just does the opposite of his instincts!) Well, George may have been onto something, cuz it worked!

Again, it is with a grateful heart that I say "thank you" and "good night!"


Pamela said...

Just catching up.. as you well know i did fall down the hole .. & it did take me several days to get out.. but glad to see that even the "great" have moments ..
thanks for all the support & suggestions.. & even ideas here for how to avoid the slippery slope next time!

take care hon!

Brit-Man said...

The main thing Leslie, is that the siuation is sorting itself out.

You are ALWAYS, a great source inspiration, and warmth, and people like you are worth their weight in gold, and you have earned that support time and again, by just being you.

THANK YOU, and keep being strong, loving yourself, and believing in yourself.

I'm glad you are feeling more balanced again :-) :-).