Friday, February 02, 2007


Comments, suggestions, and general atta-girls are so appreciated!

Tanya (who sent me an email): I already told you, but must say again, your thoughts from a therapist's point of view about how to help move clients towards what they want -- worth more than you can possibly know.

Matt: Feels like I have a cheering section with a charming British (English?) accent -- thank you!

Shelly: Excellent ideas! I'll be using much of what you came up with.

Katie: Cardio Coach is at I'm still loving it!

Laurie: Good thoughts -- input appreciated.

Colette: Good thoughts -- input appreciated, and I always love seeing you. Hope Ashley's completely well!

Greg: I go to California Family Fitness in Rocklin. They do a great job there, but they prohibit camera phones. But here's a link, so check it out!

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Brit-Man said...

Yes it's an English accent Leslie :-).

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).