Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tucker's Turbulent Workout

So we did Tucker's workout today, rather than yesterday. And it got modified a little. Here's what we ended up with:

3 rounds for time
15 burpees
15 box jumps
15 kip/jump pull-ups
5 ring dips
10 supermans
15 ball slams
60 jump rope

This workout about killed me! On the 3rd round I did 20 burpees, 20 box jumps, and 20 ball slams, rest as rXd. Didn’t track time, but it felt like 2 hours! Afterwards I played around with a 15 pound kettlebell. I'm working on hand-to-hand transfer swings and just plain stamina. Naively I thought I could do 5 minutes of basic swings. Doesn't sound like much, right? Well, after 2 minutes of continuous swinging, I was done, done, done! Maybe next time I'll find a 3 minute song and go to the end no matter what.

Gymnastics, Part 1

Last night we traveled to San Francisco for Austin's gymnastics meet today. It was his first time competing since his injury in November. He did GREAT! He completed all events, took 6th all around, and was smiling when he came off the floor. We came home this afternoon, and will go back to SF in the morning for Tucker's meet. (Big family bday party tonight, or else we would have stayed for sure!)

I had an interesting conversation with a coach from another gym. He said that when you reach level 6 or 7 in gymnastics (Tucker's level 6, Austin's level 7), it goes from being an activity to being a lifestyle. That's so true! And if my kids don't have the enthusiasm and passion for the sport, they're not going to want to continue the lifestyle and all it entails (lots of stress, very little free time, no family dinners, not enough sleep, etc. etc. etc.). There are a million positive things about gymnastics too, but the point is (and maybe it's just that I need to hear this, after 6 years of one or both kids competing) that there is a BIG upside to leaving a sport that changes your life in so many ways.

The S Factor

Remember my husband's Valentine's present? Well, I had help learning how to dance, and it was from The S Factor. Whether you get the book or the DVDs, or are lucky enough to attend a class, what comes across more than anything is that it's not only good, it's GREAT to be a woman. Curves? Marvelous! Soft spots? Oh yeah! So while us girls can be focusing on our flaws, in our quest for the perfection that does not exist, but that we see in every airbrushed magazine cover, Shelia Kelley of The S Factor is spreading the message that we need to celebrate every curve!


Jen said...

Interesting point about a kid's activity becoming a lifestyle. I guess that's when the decisions need to be made about going forward with it or not. I finally saw the video on YouTube. That's why I couldn't see it from your blog. YouTube is blocked at work. I saw it at home though.

I need to get this DVD... Hope you had FUNNNNNNNN!!!!

Brit-Man said...

You have every right to celebrate Leslie. You are a 46 year old marvel, and you always look amazing.

Hard work, definitely pays off, and those who say it is a mugs game, are looking for easy answers, and even if they get them, are living in a fools paradise, where they will never know the joy of getting results the hard way, like you have.

You should be proud of yourself, for everything you'd done and are.

WELL DONE, and keep up the hard work. You are mondo inspiring :-) :-).


Laurie said...

Wow, that really struck me - it's no longer an activity but a lifestyle. I feel like I just bumped it up from that activity to lifestyle phase, but didn't think about it like that. Funny how sometimes you hear something that really hits home.

Definitely need to check out the tape - been thinking about that since reading your post about Tap Pants.

Colette said...

When that tape first came out, Oprah had her on (with one of the Desperate Houswives girls). They showed some moves and I remember how fun it looked. I have always been one to love the curves on women. I have always said, I'd rather have curves like a woman than look like a teenage guy ;)

Glad you had a nice time in San Fran!! See you Wed.