Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Short and sweet

Today I only had 30 minutes to get a workout in. After yesterday's run I wasn't feeling like I needed cardio work, so it was lower body time, with a little upper body thrown in. Here's what I did:

20 box jumps (14" box)
20 dumbbell swings (using a 20 pound dumbbell)
20 squats (using same dumbbell)
15 box jumps
15 dumbbell swings
15 squats
10 box jumps
10 dumbbell swings
10 squats
5 box jumps
5 dumbbell swings
5 squats

So it wasn't cardio, but it felt like cardio when I was done!

Then 5 minutes handstand practice.
Then 100 pound leg press, single leg, several sets.
Then reverse pushups on Smith machine, with bar at hip level.

Then done! Came home and showered, ate lunch, and worked with a client at 12:30. Note to self: allow more than 1 hour to pass after personal workout before training, or else you'll feel drenched by the end of the warmup!

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