Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tucker at Stanford Open

I am crazy proud of my boy, and now you can see just one of the reasons why!


Eileen said...

Wow, that is absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

Give my congrats to Tucker. Those were nice routes all the way through. Though I must say the rings impressed me the most. The strength and flexability (sp?) was incredible.

Colette said...


I'm just now catching up on blogs. Sounds fun how you and hubby do these workouts together. Nice to compete in a friendly way.

Congrats on the license and bank account ;) You are official now!! Befor you know it, your account will be going up...up....up! Just remember, most businesses take at least a year to get going, so if it seems slow in the future, don't sweat it.

So proud of you!!!
(oh, ash is back to normal)

Greg said...

Whaaaaat? That is your son? I didn't know young kids could do that stuff. How did you get him involved and at what age? I want to get my son involved in something like this if he is interested. I think my son would be interested in just rolling around on a mat.

Pamela said...

..just checking in & catching up! ..( gotta get you set up on my Dopey Newfox thingy .. not just see you on others blogs & lilnk to read you when I'm at work!! )
You've been a BUSY girl! workouts sound great.. sooo cool about training the 10yr old!
& as to Tucker ...WOW!~ how long has he been doing that sort of thing?? I'm assuming he's your 11yr old- same birth year as my daughter..
My 8yr old son Steven did a yr of intro gymnastics but again WOW! nothing like that!
Very cool! Congrats!

Laurie said...

Holy Smokes!!! That's amazing! Congrats to Tucker!! I love watching men's gymnastics, the strength, power and grace that really gets me pumping this morning. You have every reason in the world to be a proud mama!! Thanks for sharing.

KatieFeldmom said...

That was awesome!

I love the high bar --- that's always been my favorite one to watch.

Brit-Man said...

You should be really proud of him Leslie, and whatever happens, even if he drops out of it, I'm sure he'll still make you proud of him, as he will one day be of you.

Take care

:-) :-).

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing!

Jen said...

waaaaahhhh!!! i can't see the video!!!