Monday, February 12, 2007


Spent the better part of the weekend in Las Vegas for, what else, gymnastics? We did get to see Ka (it was good, but we liked Mystere a LOT better), had buffet at the Wynn (what does a REAL PERSONAL TRAINER eat at a great buffet? Anything she wants to!), went to the wax museum, and of course (because I have sons) the Underground Arcade. Gym meet didn't go so great for Tucker. I think of it like working out -- some days it goes really well and you're just on top of your game. Other days -- not so much!

One thing we learned from Vegas is that Leslie should not make the travel arrangements. We got to the airport on Saturday night at 6:45, in plenty of time for our 8:10 flight. But -- surprise! -- it turns out our flight was scheduled for THE NEXT DAY! Oops. If anyone was in the Vegas airport and saw a family of crazed people running to catch a plane -- yep, that was us. To their credit, the fam was way nice about it, and we've agreed that Dad will make travel arrangements from now on!

Today we had a break from the rain, and I had the time to go running. You know, the Crossfit/mixed training stuff works, cuz I was able to do 5-1/2 or 6 miles (I didn't check exact distance) with ease. Well, I guess tomorrow will be the true test of how it went. But honestly, it was hard but do-able. The halfway point was a very cool park where I played on the swings. I'm thinking of putting together an outdoor group workout, and I wanted to find out what muscles you use to swing. Answer, in case you want to know, is mostly back and abs if you take the legs out of the equation. I tried to start from a dead hang with no legs, and couldn't do it. But with just the littlest of leg assistance, I got swinging as high as I wanted to go. And it was fun! Finished park time with pushups (2 sets of 10) and dips (2 sets of 10), then ran home.

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Brit-Man said...

Keep up the hard work Leslie, you should be very proud of yourself.

:-) :-).