Friday, February 16, 2007

Brain Dump

In no particular order, here's what's on my mind today:

1. I found a website that makes me laugh every time I go there. It's called House Gymnastics, and it's a bunch of pseudo-gymnastics moves you can do in your house. I can't let me kids see it, unless I want them to start doing dangerous stuff and leaves footprints on the wall throughout the entire house. If you decide to check it out, click on the menu on the left that shows basic moves, or click on the You Tube HG link to watch some of what they do. I could not stop laughing when I watched the video of a twenty-something guy who goes from the first floor entrance of his house to his upstairs bedroom, never touching the floor. Highly ridiculous, and so much fun!

2. Eileen alerted me that Oprah is doing another show on The Secret today! I'm just now watching the first one, and it makes so much sense to me. I've got Tivo set to tape later today!

3. Austin is competing in San Francisco this weekend! He's 99% sure he's not going to continue with gymnastics, so this is one of my last opportunities to cheer my boy on. I'm praying that he'll come away feeling great about what he's accomplished.

4. I tell Tim that I am spoiled, but not rotten. He is so amazingly good to me, and I NEVER want to take that for granted or expect it. And by now I hope that anyone reading what I'm writing knows that I am exceedingly grateful for my life and all that it holds. And again, I am not rotten.

So let me tell you what I got to do yesterday. Tim got me a fabulous birthday present, way back in January. It was a session with an image consultant! I read about her in Sacramento Magazine, and kept thinking, "this would be the coolest thing ever!" Well, Tim arranged for me to work with her. And it WAS the coolest thing ever! We spent 4 hours in my closet. (Think Clinton and Stacey from What Not To Wear.) I tried on everything I own and she helped me to see and understand the WHYs of what works and what doesn't. We're meeting again in two weeks to cover accessories, putting outfits together, and to shop for a few things that would make my wardrobe work even better.

Stephanie is wonderful! She's a former model, and former personal shopper, she's encouraging as all get-out, and she knows her stuff. (I just re-read what I wrote, and it's like I don't have the right words to fully express how great the experience was.) You know what it really felt like? I felt like I got GIRL LESSONS, which is something I've always wanted!

5. Something else wonderful -- I gave my notice at Bingo last night. I've worked Bingo for more than a year, and the experience has been eye-opening and a great lesson for my kids about support and hard work. But now that I'm training, and with my kids pretty sure they're not continuing in gymnastics, it doesn't make sense to keep working. So I'll work through the end of March and then I'm done. So no more second-hand smoke every Thursday night, so more cruising in at 11:00, no more walking around for hours trying to get people to buy stuff. I WILL miss some of the people -- actually a lot of the people, but overall I'm just really happy to be FREE!

That's it from me. Kids are out of school today. I'm still in my PJs. And life is good.

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Laurie said...

I want girl lessons!!! I'm such a tomboy and clueless about fashion. The joke with my friends is that I never look at shoes to determine if they are cute or not - I just want to know if they make me look fast. What an awesome gift!!!

I'm Tivo'ing Oprah too, now I'm really behind with 2 shows to watch.