Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Workout in two parts

This morning I spent about 20 minutes at the gym. Here's what was on the fitness menu:

Handstand practice
Forward roll practice -- I can now kind of do a dive roll, which simulates what it will be like to go from handstand into forward roll, and I can come up on my feet every time -- progress!
Endless rope -- 6 - 1 minute "sprints" where I tried to get the rope around 7 times in under a minute (there's a black piece of tape on it so you can tell when you've pulled the whole rope through)
Box jumps -- 5 sets of 20 jumps
Negative pullups -- 7 of them REALLY slow

Tonight I worked out with Tim for 20 minutes. He did a Crossfit workout -- 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats. I did my own kind of workout with these elements:

Kettlebell swings -- 2 hands, 20 pounds
Kettlebell swings -- 1 hand, 20 pounds
Sumo deadlifts -- 20 pounds
The move which has no name -- Holding the 20 pound kettlebell, squat on a BOSU, then lean back into a situp, then come forward into a really low squat, then stand up.

Oh, and I have something new to try with my 11-year-old client tomorrow. Over the weekend I made rock bags. Each bag is a gallon Ziploc filled with pea gravel and weighs 10 pounds. After sealing them, I covered them completely with duct tape, and altogether I have 90 pounds (9 bags) of weights. I envision using them for park workouts in the future, but tomorrow they'll be used for lat rope pulls. I tried these tonight with Tucker and he loved them.

So Tucker sat on the BOSU (unstable, makes abs work harder) and held the ends of a rope that was tied to a backpack that had 2 bags (20 pounds) in it. The backpack was about 20 feet down a hallway. He pulled hand over hand, until the backpack was right by his feet. Then he got up, took the backpack to the end of the hall, and did it again. Being Mr. Intensity, Tucker also tried pulling his own body weight by putting 7 bags on an upside down step. He dragged it about halfway and decided he was done. I'll let you know how it goes over tomorrow.


Colette said...

What a wonderful workout!

Glad your feeling better and taking care of yourself. You seem to be doing all the right things.

Let us know how your client liked the bags ;)

Pamela said...

YOur work out sound neat..& the other sounds very creative .. hope it's a Hit!

Brit-Man said...

I see kids in the gym often using weights, and they have no idea what they're doing.

It's a wonder with their bones don't end up deformed out of shape, because most of them shouldn't be using the weights.

At least the ones training with you get helped properly.


:-) :-).


Brit-Man said...
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Greg said...

Sounds like a fun and different way of working out. Have you checked out Bodytribe's gym in downtown Sacramento? I love that gym.