Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New year, new goals

Some of you may remember that I started 2006 with the goal of doing 1000 lunge walks per day for the entire year. I made it all the way to the end of March, when I realized that while it was a fun goal, I was actually GAINING weight, because the lunges left me too sore to do much of anything else for exercise. And since it was my goal, I could change it if I wanted to, so I did. But I still can't believe I did 90,000 lunge walks!!!

2007 has been all about getting my training business up and running, and I am happy to say that the business is thriving! I've stayed on track with fitness throughout the year, but haven't really had a goal in mind, other than fitting in my clothes, staying healthy and active, and learning how to be the best possible trainer there is.

Looking forward to 2008, I was brainstorming with myself about what might be fun to do. Something challenging. Something that feels exciting and purposeful. Something that helps me to continue to fit in my clothes. And what I've come up with is this:


I'm so excited! I love the half-marathon distance because it's long enough that you have to train, but short enough that things don't really start breaking down. Plus the longest training run is 2 hours, which I find tough but doable. And I've identified 5 local and local-ish races I can do: the Davis half in February, the American River Parkway half in May (it goes right by where I grew up in Sacramento), the San Francisco half (this is the first year the SF Marathon is including a half!) in August, the Nike in October, and the Four Bridges half in Folsom in November. So if I find one more, I'm good to go. Yes, the runs have to be races, not just covering 13.1 miles on my own.

If anyone else is doing a fitness goal for 2008, I'd sure love to hear about it!


JP said...

Wow Leslie! Great goals!

1000 lunge walks per day for even 3 months must have taken quite a bit of commitment.

I have a lot of respect for half marathon and longer running distances. Despite many years of distance running and cross-country skiing in middle and high school, I've never done a half marathon. I don't mind putting my body through all varieties of punishment, but that particular variety just doesn't appeal to me. :D

stracey said...

It might be the same weekend as the Nike 1/2 but there is a SJ Rock'N'Roll 1/2 or Do the relay for the CIM but 2 legs of it with another person. Just ideas I thought I would throw out there. If you want a partner for any of them let me know. If I can get in I'm there for Nike!

Stef said...

WOW! That's a great goal!!!!!

Run Leslie, Run!


Irene said...

Yes! 6 half M's in a year is very doable. A suggestion: How about the Big Sur Half Marathon in November 2008?

I'm still pondering my 2008 goals.

Anonymous said...

Your goal sounds great! My (at the moment) is to just get into the best shape of my life. I have to think about it to get more detail. Working with Tony will get me there, I'm sure!

So glad you had fun at the party and at the game!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie

Good luck with your goals!

How was the crossfit kb cert? Jeff Martone is great to work with and his wife Maureen are wonderful people also.