Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tabata everything!

I'm about to do a workout where every element will be done Tabata style and I'm nervous because Tababa is HARD! In case you haven't heard of it, Tababa is an exercise protocol of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. A "full" Tabata is 8 rounds or 4 minutes in length. But the point is to push yourself as hard as possible during the work intervals, so while this might seem easy on paper, it's very hard in practice. Today's workout includes these exercises, Tabata style:

jump rope
Kettlebell swings, 16K
ring rows
step ups w/overhead press
bodyweight squats
ball crunches
Kettlebell swings (again!)

Actually this workout is perfect for today, because I'm donating blood this afternoon, and they always want you to rest after that. Ummmm, yeah, no problem today!


Brit-Man said...

Sounds hard. I've heard of it before, but not really understood the methodology.

I suspect you might need a tube of Ibuprofen Gel, possibly for afterwards, incase anything hurts a bit :-p

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-)


LizN said...

HI Leslie,
I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but what I have read is thoroughly enjoyable.

I think I'm going to come along for the ride.

Liz N

Colette said...

That sounds like a tough workout!! You always amaze me, Leslie.

I miss giving blood : (
I have to wait 'till June because of the tattoo...oh well.

However you answer people is great...at least you're responding ;)

Irene said...

You've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your workouts always sound so interesting AND tough! Once I get back into better shape and MAY be able to handle it, I'd love to try one of your workouts!

leslie said...

Hi Matt -- glad to provide some Tabata insight (as well as some pain that produces results?).

leslie said...

Hi Liz -- Welcome and thanks for stopping by. It's so much fun having friends to share the fitness journey!

leslie said...

Colette, I got my 1 gallon donor award on Tuesday (hooray!) but my levels were too low to donate (boo!). I have to wait till January to try again -- sigh.

leslie said...

Irene -- Thanks for the tag -- I'll write this weekend, maybe after my long run.

leslie said...

Evelyne, Thanks for the nice words. If my workouts didn't feel like play -- tough play, but play all the same -- I don't think I could keep doing them. Today I'm working out with a towel (no, not a naughty strip-tease or anything!), kettlebells and hill repeats. I'll let you know how it goes...

Colette said...

Congrats on your award ;) I got mine a few years ago. I have been turned away so many times in the passed for low iron, but now I make sure to take my multi and eat right before I go in. Haven't been turned away since ;)