Saturday, November 10, 2007

Run? Done!

13 miles
9:30 pace
1813 calories

Why do long runs make me nervous? Because they're HARD! But, like it says on the wall of my training room, HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!


Brit-Man said...

Just think about what it feels like, to actually do well when you compete at running. The buzz you get, the elation of finishing, and imagine how proud and elated you will feel, when you finish a training run of 7-13 miles, because you should feel those things.

Now see if that doesn't in some way, change your perception of how you do such runs in the future.

Might just work.

You should be very proud of yourself, I think you are doing a fantastic job of all the runs.

Your pace looks amazing, and you are certainly defying some odds at your age, to be doing so well, but it's always, always great to read about, so keep it up, because you're inspiring, and a true blogging heavyweight, for many positive reasons.

:-) :-).


Laurie said...

I'm already dreading my long run tomorrow and they aren't anywhere as long as yours are . . . great job!!!

Stef said...

Way to go, Leslie!!!!! WooHoo!


Colette said...

See how blogging makes us accountable? This is good ;)

Way to go on that awesome run of yours! Now don't you feel better for doing it?

Colette said...
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KatieFeldmom said...

Great job on the run!!! As for your odd number thing ... I like to change all of my mother-in-law's things to odd numbers because she *has* to have them on even numbers.