Friday, November 09, 2007


I've been tagged by Irene to list five factoids about myself, and then tag five fellow bloggers. So here, in no particular order, are the five things that I can think of to share:

(ummmmm, nothing)

(no, that's boring)

(not sharing THAT!)

(Oh, ok, here's one...)
1. I used to be fat. I don't know if people who know me now really know that, but I was. I was 24 years old, and I weighed around 180 pounds (I'm 5'5" tall). My size 14 Evan Picone suit skirt (it WAS the mid-80s) cut red lines into my waist that stayed there for hours, but I was too poor and too vain to get a bigger one.

2. I grew up thinking, believing, I would be fat and crazy someday. My mom has struggled with mental illness and weight for my entire life. (I wish her life were different.) So when my parents told me, at age 22, that I was adopted, I was thrilled because I thought that maybe fat and crazy was not my destiny.

3. On a lighter note, I LOVE odd numbers. Why? Don't know. Don't care. But given a choice, I will set the temperature to 77 or 79, not 78. Same with digital volume controls. And I'm super happy when it's an odd numbered year. In fact, I've been claiming 47 as my age, when I really have two months to go, but it's because I'd much rather be 47 than 46. Maybe that's because my birthday is odd numbers: 1/9/1961!

(I can't think of anything else that's not stupid or boring.)

(Maybe I can stop at 3. What -- the blogging police will come?)

(Oh, here's one.)

4. I am not naturally neat or organized, but I'm married to the most organized, methodical man on the planet. I've worked very hard to get better. Once when I was in my early 20s, my parents gave me some fruit to take to my apartment. My car was so messy that I did not discover the fruit again until it had rotted through its plastic bag and made a nasty odor in the car. But I'm much better now (right, Tim?)!

5. I believe with all my heart that I have adult ADD. I am highly distractible and have a terrible time staying on task, although I do force myself to get things done. But what's good about the ADD thing is that I have a multitude of interests and always have many projects going to keep things fun.

Now who to tag? (I really need to update my list of blogs I read, cuz I read way more than I actually have listed.) I tag

The Street Workout guys, and


Colette said...

Wow, I knew about your "mom" but not about your weight. You've come a long way girlfriend and should be very proud of all that you have overcome. Way to go!
I'm the opposite about numbers...I act the same as you do, but with even numbers only.

I can't see you as being unorganized, but that missing fruit in the car thing...YUCK! lol

Have a wonderful weekend!

BosuJen said...

Ok... you've tagged me! Five facts about me? Let's see...

1) I'm an only child who has always wanted to have brothers and/or sisters.

2) I too have thought (since college) that I would be fat... at some level, I'm sure I still think that. It's probably why staying fit and healthy has been so important to me.

3) It's hard to admit but I'm not much of a dog lover! I think it's because I'm mildly allergic to them so I don't like to touch them. (I'm starting to warm up to them though, after having my daughter!)

4) I am an old-school, traditionalist at heart.

5) I love red wine and dark chocolate and I endulge in them probably more than I should!

Hmmm... I have to stop at 5? I'm just getting warmed up!

Irene said...

I would have never thought of you as disorganized, but my brother was messy when we were kids, and now he's Mr. Neat. People do evolve!

Anonymous said...

Great list!!!

Brit-Man said...

You're not crazy, you're just unique, and because it's you we are talking about, so that's a great thing not a bad thing.

I don't know if you've ever had your feelings, confirmed or denied medically, but perhps it might be an avenue to explore.

Whatever happens, the only crazy thing you could ever do, is to put yourself down in any way.

Have a great day, and best wishes :-) :-).


Laurie said...

Very interesting about your mom, I understand completely and wished more than once that those genes weren't my potential genes.

LizN said...