Sunday, May 25, 2008

Comment appreciation

Thank you, everyone, who takes the time to read this weblog. And bigger thank yous are extended to those who not only read, but take the time to write! So starting from most recent and moving backwards...

Regarding "Me<135"

Pamela, Katie, Matt, Irene, and Colette -- hi wonderful friends and thanks!

Kelly O -- let me know how you like green smoothies. I'm still lovin' 'em!

Evelyne -- I will miss boxing camp. The people are fun and the workouts fascinating. Will I miss getting up at 4:45? Not so much! Don't know what my next challenge will be, but I love that you think I'll find one -- that encourages me. And yeah, husband is very fun, and way more like a boyfriend. Although I did get my wedding ring resized and just got it back yesterday, so now I'm feeling engaged! :)

Jennifer -- thanks! I'm officially 5' 5-1/2" tall (got measured at the doctor recently) and I have a medium frame. Because being in the low 130s has eluded me for so long, it's just a really happy thing to be where I've wanted to be.

Regarding "Rainbow in my bowl"

Matt -- what you wrote is poetic and lovely and something we all should consider. Here are Matt's words:
The main thing is you do something in a way that makes you happy.

It's ultimately how you have to be. You need to exercise and eat in a way that is beneficial, not overdoing it, and ultimately makes you happy.

To live the life you want, love the life you want, and feel emotionally uplifted by how you do what you do.

So as long as you feel your choices are right for you, and you know they can be placed into your life, to compliment it, not complicate it, then you are doing what you feel is best.
Colette, Pamela, Irene, and Evelyne -- thanks girlfriends!

Regarding "When cleaning up your diet"

Pamela -- hi!

Katie -- the DMD-CRs are almost gone, and that's a good thing! :)

Regarding "To veg or not to veg"

Shelly -- good for you for finding what works for you. I agree that I don't want to drink my meals, but green smoothies don't have the energy (calories) to be a meal. To me they're a -- a really light appetizer, I guess. But the way I make them, they're maybe 250 calories for a full blender, and then Tim and I split that, so nope -- that ain't breakfast for me!

Matt -- lol!

Jen -- I checked out the CSC weblog a few weeks back when you recommended it, but the green smoothie info didn't "take" -- guess I wasn't ready. And I'm really happy about the Oprah show with Kathy Freston. Anything that moves us towards better health...

Colette -- GREAT NEWS about 9 servings of fruits and veggies as the recommendation in the schools. Now if we can just find ways to make it happen. And I agree -- I've never felt better now that I'm eating more (at least 10+ servings) fruits and veggies in my diet.

Regarding "New quote"

Colette -- Let me know when you try green smoothies, and how you like them.

Matt -- I don't know much (anything) about food combining, but slightly remember reading that greens should be considered their own food group (the category "vegetables" is just way too broad) and that they combine with everything. But utlimately the proof is in how you feel, and I feel amazing when I drink green smoothies.

Regarding "Food and immaturity"

Eileen -- You have such a balanced perspective on things! "There are no new answers, just new books." You are so right. But I'm still keeping my Amazon Prime account, at least for now. :)

Jen -- Michael Pollan does have some great info, doesn't he?

Colette -- You are right. And my tomato plants are looking marvelous, by the way!

Matt -- Wow! I learned a lot from what you wrote. And thanks for the nice race wishes!

LizN -- I posted the green smoothie recipe a few days ago. Hope you like it!

Regarding "Run is done"

Greg -- I'm running in the SF Half too (with my niece who lives in SF). Are you doing 1st or 2nd? I'm doing 1st because I want to run across the Golden Gate Bridge!

Regarding "Melange"

Matt -- Your words made my heart happy!

Colette -- Thanks for not calling it a half!

Kristen -- Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE your recipes and your site!


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First off, I love your comments on comments, it makes me feel all warm and special inside. :)

Secondly, I also had to get my engagement ring resized. It was falling off my finger! Now if THAT doesn't say I'm losing weight, I'm not sure what does!

Brit-Man said...

I'm glad all is well for you. Best wishes and take care :-) :-).


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Thank YOU! Have a super day.

Cheers :)

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Yep love the comments on comments they are always fun! & sounds like you & hubby are as crazy in love as us! yay you!