Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To veg or not to veg?

I've had several friends tell me they've considered going vegetarian. I think that's great. But I don't think it's always the best choice. What's the best choice? Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. (Am I sounding like a broken record here?) When I went to the cooking class with Tracy Reifkind and Fawn Friday, Tracy commented that she eats more vegetables than most vegetarians she knows, and she's right. It's possible to be a potato chip, tater tot, cereal kind of vegetarian, and that's not the way to go! Actually, I think the way Tracy eats is great -- lots of freshly home-prepared foods, and tons of veggies with meats as flavor enhancers, rather than as the centerpiece of the meal.

So why do I choose no meat? I wrote about my reasons here, but one thing I forgot to include is that I've never really liked meat. I've ALWAYS liked the "other stuff" in the meal a whole lot more. So not eating meat doesn't feel like deprivation.

Tim doesn't feel right if he doesn't eat meat or chicken or fish, but he's cut his portions way down now that I don't eat those things. But if he doesn't feel right if he doesn't eat some animal protein, he should have some. Everyone is different.

So if someone came to me and asked, "Should I be vegetarian," I think my answer would be, "Not right away." I would suggest that they decrease the amount of animal products in their diet (including milk and eggs), increase the fresh veggies and fruits, and the whole grain carbohydrates, and get away from refined stuff. Then see how they feel and go from there.

And of course, everyone should start their day with a green smoothie, right?


Shelly said...

I have been putting a little meat back into my diet recently, and found that I have fewer cravings for processed carbs. The other day I had dinner leftovers for breakfast, which included a small piece of pot roast! I think "eat food, not too much and mostly plants" is great advice. Trying to stretch out the food over 4 merals instead of 3 works well for me too. As for the green smoothie..... well, I'm just not into drinking my meals.

Brit-Man said...

I like my meat. Wouldn't want to do without it.

I totall get your choice Leslie, wouldn't say anything against it, but personally I like Flesh Proteins. Something to get my teeth into <:-(E).

:-p :-p.


Jen said...

Did you see "Oprah" yesterday? She had a woman named Kathy Freston on to talk about her new book called "Quantum Health." A big part of the discussion was Kathy's vegen diet. Real interesting stuff. Check it out when you have a minute.

And the green smoothies - yeah, baby! Just like Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer blog.

Colette said...

How funny, I was going to say that about the Oprah show too ;)

Yes, I agree about it's a personal choice to go veg or not.

I know that government is going to start upping the fruit/veggie amount per day to 9 servings. This is in the works according to school. Just goes to show how important it is to eat more of what Mother Nature made for us.

I've never felt better or healthier since eating mostly fruits and veggies ;)

Great post Leslie