Sunday, May 18, 2008

Run is done!

Races are getting easier for me emotionally. I don't get as frightened beforehand and that's really nice. Today I drove to Lodi, leaving at 6:10, and ran my race. A few thoughts:
  • Headsweats hats are fantastic. The race included both a t-shirt (boo -- it was a man shirt!) and a Headsweats hat (yea!). I changed hats before the race, and the new hat is amazing -- it doesn't even feel like you have a hat on. I'm a believer, for sure!
  • Getting stuck behind a smelly man (not all men are smelly, I'm talking about a specific one in the race) is tremendous incentive to speed up.
  • Running when it's 20 degrees warmer than it was 2 weeks ago feels tough.
  • Lodi is flat, which is nice for those of us who run where it's un-flat!
  • I don't have race results yet (had to drive right back home after race) but I think I did about a 1:57. At the very end, a 20-something girl and I had a sprint to the finish. She won (darn it!). But I was grateful for the push at the end.

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Greg said...

Thank you for the hat link! I'm needing one of those. I'll be running in the SF half marathon and my current hat is a brain-sucker.