Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can't have it both ways!

Most of the time, older son reeks of "you guys are idiots and I can't believe I have to live in this awful place." It oozes out of his pores. It permeates his being. (And this summer, he told us he hated every single minute he spent here at home, so I'm not making this up.) So if there's ANY possibility of being NOT AT HOME, he jumps at the chance.

When we told him we'd like him to go to church with us tonight, as our church is kicking off small groups at the same time it's starting a new program for high school group (which he loved this summer) and junior high (which Tucker is eager to start), what was his response? "Well, I'd only be home for an hour between water polo and leaving for church. That's hardly any time at home."

Ummmm, yeah. You can't have it both ways!


Irene said...

This, too shall pass. My son also went through a similar stage.

Take care!

Brit-Man said...

Take care and best wishes, and no worries okay :-) :-).


Colette said...


Teenagers are not the same, but they all go through something that makes us want to pull our hair out. Sounds like he doesn't even know what he truly wants. Try to ignore those comments and always ask for him to join you, and if he does, great...if not, fine. You have set great values into your kids and the boys are lucky enough to have two loving parents in the home. They know they are loved and that you are there for them. He just needs to maybe find himself by trial and error. He will get past this...maybe he'll have major bumps along the way, but that is all part of growing.


ATOM ANT said...

Sounds like a typical teenager.
Just keep being the parent and not a friend. He has no idea how the real world works and what it takes to support a family.

He needs to be seasoned. There is nothing greater to do this than letting him pay the price of his own mistakes.

And as a typical mother,God bless you, you'll being doing everythng you can to help him avoid the needed painful lessons.

Hang in there.