Wednesday, September 10, 2008


First time running planned intervals. Here's how it went:

1 mile warm up = 9:00
Then I did 1/4 mile fast, 1/4 mile recovery for 3 1/4 miles. Here are the fast 1/4 miles:
1:54, 1:57, 1:52, 1:55, 1:49, 1:57, 1:48
Then a slower 3/4 mile jog home.

I found the flattest part of Rocklin I could find (which still isn't flat, which accounts for some of the time variations). My recovery intervals got slower as I went, but overall to run an 8:35 pace for 5 miles is a LOT faster than I usually run. And I found that the variations in the intervals made the miles go by really fast. I'll do this again for sure.

Experienced runner friends -- any feedback on my choice of workouts? My goal is to learn to run faster.


*aron* said...

awesome job on the intervals!! i am still new to them also, but have lots of them in my upcoming plan - should be loads of fun :)

Irene said...

Intervals do help with speed! It looks good to me!

Tracy Reifkind said...

First time running intervals? Had you not thought of it before? I know I talked about walking intervals this past seems as if I do everything in intervals!