Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tough as Granite

  • Super fun race, but tough -- single track, lots of rocks and roots and up and down.
  • Course was well marked, and as one who is directionally challenged, I SO appreciated this!
  • Ran with no iPod and no Garmin, taking last week's DailyMile challenge to run without technology. Strange being without my running toys. Became aware of how negative my thinking can be. After about 4 miles, kept the thought, "I am half fast. Not slow. Not fast. But half fast." in my mind. Unfortunately, I did not originate the "half fast" idea, but you can check out the thoughts of the originator here -- it's great fun!
  • I finished in 2:05, with an average pace of 9:30 per mile. I'm very happy with that, considering the difficulty of the terrain, and I was 4th in my age group -- hooray!
  • The bigger hooray is that I won the top raffle prize -- I get to choose ANY PAIR OF MOUNTAIN RUNNING SHOES I WANT TO PICK from the La Sportiva line.
  • I just finished some fabulous post-race Frensh toast (thanks Tim!) and it's time now for the post-race nap. Happy Saturday, friends!


Irene said...

That's great, Leslie! I know how weird it feels to run without our nifty gadgets! You were anything but half fast! Congratulations on 4th in your age group! Nice raffle prize!

Anonymous said...

Congatulations Leslie! Great to see all your successes and wonderful family -- remember Fremont summer camp and Rosemont house?

Love, Cari --

Eileen said...

Whoa! Cool prize and awesome work again....

Colette said...

Congrats Leslie! You know I admire anyone who can run that long, let alone at that pace too. What a high feeling you must be feeling ;)

Can I have some of that yummy french toast too ;)

Brit-Man said...


Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


Anne said...

Wow, that's a truly impressive time for a trail race, let alone a very technical trail race. So glad you came away with some goods. Just noticed your latest book in your goodreads widget. I read that at least 10 years ago and loved it. I once lived in a Mennonite community and could so relate.

Anyway, may the wonderful running continue for you, with or without technological assistance.

*aron* said...

woooo awesome job!! glad you had a great time :)

Julianne said...

Congrats on your race!! Wow, 4th in your age group is definitely something to brag about. And winning the shoes?? Icing on the cake!! :-)