Sunday, September 21, 2008

That which gets measured, gets managed.

I think the post title quote is attributed to Peter Drucker, management consultant extraordinaire. And it's true in all areas. Keeping an eating log helps make people aware and accountable. Keeping a written budget will help you get and stay on track financially. (Thanks Tim for starting us on budgeting when we were first married, and keeping us on track!)

Well, in February or March (no time to check back posts) I decided to run 1000 miles this year, just like I did 10 years ago when I was 37. And today I hit 1000 miles. It kind of doesn't make sense to me when I write it. Like how did I run 1000 miles? How can ANYONE run 1000 miles? The answer to that question is that it's taken determination (Tim would call it pig-headedness!) and consistency. Oh, and not getting injured has helped, for sure!

Anyway, the mom taxi is off and running, fueled by the high of hitting this goal! Happy Sunday, friends!


Stef said...

Wow Leslie! That is incredible!!!


*aron* said...

AWESOME job!!! that is so amazing you should be VERY proud :)

Colette said...

I'm not surprised, but I am proud.

The thing about you is, when you set a goal, you see it through to the end.


Julianne said...

1000 miles?? OMG. That is fantastic! I love that you are keeping track of this. I just started keeping track of my mileage and wish I started a long time ago!! Congrats!

Anne said...

That's a major feat, Leslie!

KatieFeldmom said...

Way to go Leslie!!!
(Had my 1st green smoothie this morning.)

Brit-Man said...

Take care and best wishes. You should be proud of yourself.

:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS Leslie! That's AWESOME!!!

brookem said...

1,000 miles! that's amazing! congrats to you!