Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Websites I need

Here are the websites I need to find:

What the eff should I cook for dinner?
Remedial pleasant dinnertime conversation for teens
Non-sugar cures for angst

At this rate, I'll be up to 100 running miles per week in no time!


*aron* said...

LOL i love the first one... that is seriously the worst part of my day is trying to think of something to make for dinner - ahhh!

Eileen said...

Dinner....while this will not help you TONITE...I read someplace recently what I thought was a great idea. Keep a log of what you make for dinner for a month. POOF...you've got a plan for the next month, or at the very least, something to work with. You can make a notation on days that you think were "hits" or "misses" with the family members so you know what is worth putting on the "plan" for the next month.

Teen conversation? As far as my 16y/o goes...when she wants to talk, she WANTS TO TALK. Otherwise, there's not much happening there...I do find that the talks go more smoothly if I am not "trying" to talk though, if that makes sense!

Brit-Man said...

Have a great day and best wishes :-) :-).


Colette said...

Eileen said what I was going to say about the dinner thing. We put on the list any "hits" and now I have plenty of dishes to cook that I know everyone will like. Also, it doesn't have to be fancy dinner all time...pasta and BBQ works too...or even breakfast for dinner ;)

As far as talking goes...Rob and I talk and if the kids want to join in, great...if not, that's okay too. They know we will listen and usually they do talk, but not all the time. If they don't, we don't try to get them to talk...at least they are at the table with us and that is more than most families do these days ;)