Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just because we can!

So Terri and I decided to get our upper ears (cartilage) pierced last week. Why? I dunno. Maybe because parenting feels stressful. Maybe because I kinda want a tattoo but am unsure I'm ready to commit to one. (When I turned 40 I got my belly button pierced. I kept it for 3 years, and then I was done. Now it looks like I have a freckle. Talk about low commitment!) I really like how it looks, but because my hair is thick, you can't see it at all unless I'm wearing a pony or I'm wearing sunglasses atop my head, a la 80's prep. So I'm considering getting two more earrings (maybe then they'll be more visible?), but am still thinking on that one.

Yeah, this is what 47-year-olds do for fun!


Colette said...

Now that is something I am afraid of was fine, since it has special meanings behind it. Ash wants to get that part pierced too but I told her not 'till she's older.

Now, instead of getting more holes, I think you should just go and get a tiny tat right above your crack...when I see a woman bend over and you catch a glimpse of a pretty tat, I think it looks kinda sexy.

As far as your goal of running faster...if there's one thing about you, when you set a goal you complete it!! This will be no different I'm sure ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! Got mine done a few years back and want more too! I have 6 tattoos now and they start to become addictive. I SOOO want to get my belly pierced, but don't think my belly is ready yet. I need it to be flat and starting a 6 pack, before I'm brave enough to step foot in a piercing studio for that!

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Just because sounds like the PERFECT reason! :)

Brit-Man said...

Well I personally wouldn't do it myself. I've never had any desires for body art, or perforated appendages, so I think I'll leave that lifestyle subgenre alone :-p.

I'm more hopefull that when I'm 40+, I won't suddenly turn into someone who can't understand, why I liked things I used to watch, or things I used to listen to.

I'm going to have problems, when I'm sitting around moaning about why Eddie Murphy is no longer funny, and were the Human League really any good?

If I become like that, slap me around the head, because it would suck to go off the things you liked for so long.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


Laurie said...

Low commitment - that's me: ears not pierced and no tats.