Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Thursday thoughts

  • I can NOT seem to stop eating today. :(
  • I'm making beef stew for Tim's aunt, because I value relationships above my own comfort. But I HATED cutting and cooking the meat. (I won't tell you what I think of it as -- but it ain't pretty!)
  • Oldest son is causing concern. I'll be running again in a few minutes just to clear my head.
  • It's finally fall and I'm so happy!
  • Saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona last night and loved it. My friend Linda is in town from Chicago and we both like off-beat movies. And Penelope Cruz is truly the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • Just 21 more running miles till I hit 1000 miles for the year!!!


KatieFeldmom said...

YAY on almost getting to 1000 miles!!! I want to see that movie. Sorry bout the son part -- hope your run clears your head.

kara said...

1000 miles - Holy cow - that's alot!
I'm at 611.
PS. You are very brave - I have not had to touch raw meat in many years.

Brit-Man said...

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


SuperDave said...

I'm excited that I am going to hit 500. 1000!!! Yikes! *I bow to you*

I can't seen to stop eating all week.. haha

Colette said...

Ummmm, I think all that running has something to do with the hunger thing you have going ;)

If you need to talk about Austin, I'm here for you.

Stew sounds very yummy, and how about this great weather we are having...perfect!!

Jennifer said...

How'd you like the movie? I've really been wanting to see it.

LizN said...

You are a gorgeous gal :)

liz N