Saturday, March 21, 2009

31 turns into 22

Sometimes it's just not your day. The intent was to do 31 miles, but at mile 22, I gratefully accepted a ride back to my car. Details and photos (from before the race when I was happy) to follow. Actually, I'm very happy now, warmly wrapped in my fuzzy robe at 3 in the afternoon. I feel a nap coming on... :)

Note: After checking the runners handbook for the AR50, it looks like I ran 22, not 23 miles. I've changed the title of this post and my running stats accordingly.


Brit-Man said...

No disgrace whatsoever. You're a really fantastic advert for people in your age range and you should be proud.


:-) :-).


Jennifer said...

You are a fantastic advert for people period. You are AWESOME! Congrats on the 23 miles...and having the stones to stop there when more would have done you harm.

Jo Lynn said...

Don't feel bad -- I' turned a 15 mile training run into a 3-miler once! LOL Oh, did you forget? WE ARE HUMAN! Enjoy your Sunday. ;)

AKA Alice said...

I think yesterday was a good day for a nap...that's what I was doing :-)

23 miles is awesome.

Colette said...

You should be proud for stopping when you needed to and not harm yourself by pushing forward. Listening to your body is the smartest thing people can do ;)

Congrats on the 22 miles though...that is great!!!