Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Need more optimism and energy?

There's a great article on Basil and Spice titled "Tips to Boost Your Energy and Outlook During Tough Times." It should come as no surprise that their tips coincide with the practices that will also keep you healthy and fit. Here's the complete article. Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting and linking.

Kelly Jad'on/Founder

Brit-Man said...

Interesting stuff, and pretty standard things to bear in mind, but put in a simple way you can understand.

It might have bene useful thoguh ot note, that whilst it says Nuts are a greta energy food, Cashews are possibly the only ones with a Carb content, and rate at roughly GI 22. Most Nut Fats are good, but Fat is a secondary energy source anyway.

Not disrespecting the article, just saying in passing.

Completely get you on the DIY, (Do It Yourself), as well. I have plenty of experince selling the stuff, but woudln't be keen to do it myself.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).