Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today's workout

30 minutes of garage play.

25 pound kettlebell
40' AOS rope
Random set of 8 pound weights
Gymboss timer

Did 30s work/15s rest of whatever felt good. Movements included:

Farmer's walks (w/one kettlebell)
One-sided lunges (w/one kettlebell and bodyweight only)
Figure 8 to holds
One arm rows
Super long set of fast overhead press, lateral raises, rear delt flyes using 8 pound weights
And lots and lots of rope intervals

I feel quivery and spent!

P.S. I must've blocked out the jumping lunges and squat jumps, but those were part of the fun too!


Diana said...

I am so happy to have come into the world of far the most favorite thing I do for fitness! Everyone should be turned on to this world, and yet it's kind of fun to keep it "my" little secret of great fitness!!!

Anonymous said...

Heck yes! Sounds like a great workout!

BTW I didn't know you did the Tri-Fitness!!!! Awesome! My fitness competition days were bittersweet, but I know how dedicated you must be to train/diet/compete. I already thought you were a badass b/c of your running! :D