Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fear and trembling!

Spent a little time on the site tonight reading about training for a 50 mile race. Perhaps I should have read this before signing up, or maybe more than 3 weeks prior to the race?!?! It looks like I will be somewhat undertrained based on their recommendations, and the 31 mile run next weekend, two weeks before the race? The experts seem to think this would be better about 4 weeks out. But it is what it is. As I was packing for Las Vegas tonight I was kind of panicking. Then I remembered several things that are true:
  • I have no time expectations.
  • I'm doing this because I want to try. (Originally my plan was to do a 50 mile race in November. But then I figured the 50K in February could count as part of my training, right?)
  • There is no shame in trying.
I hope I can keep the right perspective for the next few weeks. All I can do is do my best though, right?


Jon in Tokyo said...

Good Luck. Enjoy. (?)

cath said...

yep. It's a great idea to go into a big race thinking that it is 'only a training run'!...I do that quite a bit...although I have never run more than 33k at a day i will do an ultra..good luck...and good on ya..

Marcy said...

That's right! There is NO shame in trying! ;D

aron said...

trying is what its all about :) plus with no time goal, i think you can definitely do it. you are awesome remember :)

Colette said...

You got that right! As long as you are not going in with crazy expectations, you will enjoy the experience, and I would bet that you will do better than you think.

Have a fun weekend!

Brit-Man said...

You'll be fine, so don't worry.

Just keep believing in yourself, and believe in what is possible, not what isn't.

:-) :-).


Stacey said...

there is a quote that says something like "It's better to be 5% under-trained than it is to be 1% over-trained"

Go out and give it your best! There is no shame in not finishing. Most people don't even make it to the start.

Good luck!

AKA Alice said...

Q = All I can do is do my best though, right?

A ='s what you do! You have the best attitude and I think you'll have an amazing run :-)

Are you in Vegas this weekend? Me too...the weather is beautiful. I'm about to go out for "in your estimation" a short run (about 6 miles)

Amanda said...

Your best is always good enough. It is just amazing that you are getting out there and giving it a go in the first place. You'll do great!

Laurie said...

No shame!! You'll rock because you did what felt right for you.

Charlene Chavez said...

All I can say is, "Well no wonder you look so good, you're a hot mama!!" I used to be a runner, now I'm a jogger.
I can only run spiritually with you 'cause my knees won't let me run any longer than 5 these days.
Happy Trails!