Monday, October 09, 2006

An amazing weekend

It's back to reality today, but what an amazing weekend we had! It felt so different than normal life that I'm kind of pinching myself to be sure it was real. But when I look down at my right hand and see the diamonds sparkling there (more in a minute), I know it actually happened. Here are some of the highlights:
  • As we were leaving town on Friday, Tim asked me what I thought about getting a ring as a 17 year gift. What? Huh? We said we weren't doing gifts! The weekend out of town is enough for me! But we went to look at rings. And much to my delight, it turns out that in our family, it's diamonds for your 17th anniversary!
  • We saw the Blue Angels kind of by accident. We knew they were in town this weekend, but didn't know when they were appearing. After lunch on Saturday, we decided to walk to Coit Tower, and when we got there, there were hundreds of people hanging out, waiting for the Blue Angels. Agile Tim found a great place for us to watch -- on a wall by a planter box about 30 FEET ABOVE THE GROUND! Ok, to be fair, on one side, the drop off was only about 8 feet, but the other side was scary high. And yes, I walked along the wall to get to our viewing spot, trembling and thinking positive thoughts the entire way. Anyway, the Blue Angels were wonderful. The sound as they fly by gives you chills, and the beauty and grace of what they do -- I'll never forget it.
  • We ate cake every day! Friday night we had a chocolate/hazelnut slice at One Market. Saturday at lunch we had something called Double Penance Chocolate at a little cafe in North Beach, the Italian section of SF. Saturday night we had a lemon/blackberry concoction at Boulevard. And Sunday we had carrot cake in Mill Valley. Wish there was a diet plan that includes cake at every meal!
  • There's a website called where you can calculate your distance on foot. We used that to calculate how far we walked on Saturday, and it's somewhere between 6 and 7 miles. We went from Fisherman's Wharf, by all the piers, to California, to North Beach, to Coit Tower, to Union Street Shops. Incidentally, there are a lot of hills in SF which I just loved. And on foot is the best way to see the city for sure! Oh, and we went to Lululemon on Union, where I got a shirt with seaweek extract in it (to condition the skin when you sweat!) and a gym bag. Very cool place, and really neat that we stumbled upon it!
  • Saving the best for last, we had dinner at Boulevard on Saturday night. Three weeks ago, when I called for a reservation, they had one opening at 9:15. That tells you others like this place too. We took a Town Car from our hotel (felt VERY "Sex and the City"!), and Tim arranged for us to have a table with windows on both sides, overlooking Mission and Embarcadaro (thanks sweetie!). The chef sent out special appetizers! The food was out of this world good. And I got to do all this with the man of my dreams -- life, indeed, is good!
  • Oh, one last thing. Of course I did hill play in the city. I couldn't tell you how far it was, but I went up and down California several times yesterday mornings, with a few detours onto extra hilly streets. It was early, the air was crisp, and my iPod was giving me a beautiful soundtrack to walk/run by.
So that's it -- our anniversary weekend. Hooray for happy marriage!


Brit-Man said...
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Brit-Man said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Leslie, and nothing bad happened.

You deserved this. You've been doing so well with everything in life right now, and you're a wonderful person, so you deserve to feel great and celebrate your life.

:-) :-).


Eileen said...

Sounds great! And I love the both look very happy and just great.

Cake every day...can't complain about that! Or was that a euphanism, lol?

KatieFeldmom said...

I'm so glad that you had a great time. Do we get to see a picture of the ring? Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the ring. Tim gets another gold star from me.