Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Moving very fast!

Left to my own devices, I would stay perpetually in the analysis phase of any project. Research and planning -- they're fun. Execution, making it happen -- SCARY!!! (That's why Tim and I work so well together -- I'm the "think it through" and he's the "let's do it!")

Well, on Thursday the training room is getting paint, and I'm getting rid of the bed this weekend. The color is going to be Benjamin Moore "barley" (199) from the new Pottery Barn paint deck. It's a pretty yellow, on the beige side, for a room that gets a lot of sunlight. For those of you who live near a Restoration Hardware, it's a lot like their Butter color (one of the best yellows on the planet!) with a little less yellow to it.

Oh, and I moved my hands-on NASM weekend from this weekend in San Francisco to the end of the month in San Diego. One of the problems with life moving very fast is that sometimes Tim and I get our wires crossed. That happened for this weekend, so I'm just going to use frequent flyer miles to do the seminar in San Diego later this month which gives me more studying time -- hooray!


KatieFeldmom said...

Sounds like it is all coming along! Great job on the execution.

Eileen said...

There you go again....being me....

Most of my house is painted varying shades of a golden/beigy/yellowy/tan sort of color...VERY similar to that Pottery Barn color. Mine is Glidden paint though and my den color is called "Cookie Crumb."