Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More wisdom from Wife Swap, and a business name!

You gotta watch Wife Swap!!! Last night it was a champion female boxer and her oh-so-fit family vs. a world champion competitive EATER and his wife and son. Predictably, they had very different lifestyles and ways of doing things. But the little nugget of wisdom from last night's show came when the boxer called in a pro football player to help her get the husband and son in shape. As they were punching a heavy bag, the football player said, "Ok, so when I say "Hard work," you're gonna say "Pays off!"" Is that not the coolest motivator??? Of course I used it on my 6:15 client today. We were doing lunges where you lunge to the front, then take the same leg, and move it all the way to the back, keeping the opposite leg stationary. This was her first time of doing this exercise, and it's not an easy one. I'd already told her about Wife Swap, so as she was coming to the end of the set, I said, "Hard work..." and she replied "pays off!" and finished the set with energy to spare.

I may have found my name!
I've been considering names for my training business, and hadn't hit upon the right one, until this weekend. Tim and I were tossing around all sorts of variations on "power" "strength" "fitness" and then we came up with this (drum roll please):


Is that perfect? In small letters under the name on business cards, I'd put "Personal Fitness Training." And maybe at the bottom of the business card, it would say, "Hard work pays off."
Simple. Elegant. Can be used in a variety of ways (lift your spirits, lift your a$$, lift your standards). Thoughts?


Brit-Man said...
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Brit-Man said...

Interesting, I've never heard of Pottery Barn, mustn't do it over here.

Sounds like you're having something similar to the Dulux Natural Straw, or the old Natural Wheat one, they pitched off the cards about 3 years ago.

I'm getting work mixed in with play now ;-).

"Lift" is a good name. I suppose the other thing to possibly consider, is a name that doesn't have any particular reference to weights and cardio.

So you might use words like Aqua, or Neo, or Fusion for example.

Though I personally like the name you chose, but I thought I'd give my thoughts, as you asked :-).

GOOD LUCK, and congrats for everything you've done. I know you'll be a big success.

You should be very proud of yourself.

Take care Leslie.

:-) :-)


Eileen said...

OK, so I commented on the other post...but I like "lift"...women are always looking for a little lift and I like the idea of the clean, simple design.

So if I want to come train with you, will you give me a discount since I will have to FLY to the sessions?!?!

KatieFeldmom said...

Ooooo, I like the name. Very cool!

kara said...

Okay, I LOVE LOVE Lift. I think one-word names are cool. You know, like Cher or Madonna. Also, I get my hair cut at "Cut." Way chic.

And I MUST MUST tell you that after reading about how much you love your hubby, and how much fun you had on your anniversary, I was reminded about how lucky I am in my marriage. I picked a good one! (Or he picked me.) So we had cake last night -- AND I was super into it. My husband should be thanking you. :-)

I am just feeling blessed; thanks for reminding me!


Jen said...

Love the name, Leslie!

Anonymous said...

The name sounds great!