Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Learning to like FitDay

So today's food numbers worked out much better, with no missing calories or percentages. Totals are:

Calories: 1624
Protein: 42%
Carbs: 37%
Fat: 21%

I bought the Oxygen magazine Nutrition edition and leafed through it as I waited for my girlfriend at Max's Opera Cafe. Normally I would have really enjoyed the warm rolls and good butter, while reading my magazine. But knowing I'd have to log it in FitDay, I sipped iced tea, then had grilled salmon, grilled pineapple, and grilled vegetables.

I promise this won't turn into a "this is what I ate today" weblog, but you just have to know how different it feels to be choosing what I'm eating, and actually watching portions and all. I do eat a pretty healthy diet, especially compared to what I ate in my 30s (Balance bars, Doritos, Diet Pepsi, donuts... all this while running 20 miles a week most weeks). But portion control and cutting out the nighttime bowl of cereal (which has been my habit since I was about 10 years old) -- those changes are truly amazing to me.

On the fitness side of things, I'm still studying for my NASM exam. I'm really afraid I won't pass. But if it happens, I guess I'll just study more and take the exam again (although that wouldn't be my first choice!). And the good news is the new anti-D seems to be working well, and my short-term memory is MUCH improved, and that, my friends, feels great!

One last thing -- on my old weblog I wrote about the Mystic Pixies, a contortionist group from San Francisco that we saw at the Stanford gymnastics meet last year. (Click here and be amazed at what these girls, ages 10 to 15, can do!) The Pixies and their coach are moving to Montreal at the end of this month and will be featured in the newest Cirque du Soleil show that debuts in 2007. And Alixa, their coach, has been named Flexibility Manager for the entire show. So why do I write this? Because my kids are taking a flexibility workshop with Alixa on Sunday!!! She's teaching at the Circus Arts Center in Oakland and we're going. Actually, I'd be taking a class too, but her only opening for adults is later in the evening, which doesn't work with kids who have school the next morning. So I'm going to observe and take excellent notes.

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Brit-Man said...

Leslie, YOU WILL pass that exasm, I am sure of it.

You're a hardworking, dedicated individual, and anything you put your mind to, you will make happen.

Just believe in it, and trust in your Head and your Heart, and they will help guide you to the right result on that exam.

Whatever you are studying, you're an intelligent, mentally strong woman, and this will be perfectly achievable for you, so try not to worry, and just know you're capable of this, and IT CAN happen for you.

You deserve it too.

GOOD LUCK Leslie, I'm thinking of you right now, and wishing you all the best getting over this little hurdle.

YOU CAN DO IT misses. You are an awesome person

Have a brilliant day, and don't stop feeling proud of yourself. You are achieving fantastic things in life, and you deserve to be happy and be successful with everything.

You're going to be fine yeah.

Strong mind, no fear.

:-) :-) :-).