Monday, October 02, 2006

A job offer, kind of?

So I did SST yesterday. It was just me and a high school football star, which was intimidating at first, but then the workout kicked my a** and it really didn't matter. The coach leading the workout is the Steve Kenyon, the owner of SST, and we talked for most of the hour (when I could breathe, that is). We were talking about training and how SST's model differs from traditional "30 minute weight workout with machines/30 minutes of cardio" workouts. And to make a long story short, he offered that I can use their facility to train my clients once I'm certified!

This is a very cool offer on a lot of levels. First of all, have you SEEN their facility (scroll down to see it)? It's beautiful and the equipment is to die for.

Another thing that's really neat (although I feel a little sheepish saying this) is that the owner must see something he likes in me. Cuz if you didn't think someone was motivated or worked hard or knew what they were talking about, would you offer to let them use what you've worked so hard to create?

And finally, as I'm pricing fitness equipment, I'm realizing that it will cost at least $2000 (and probably end up closer to $3000) to get what I want for my home training studio.

So why wouldn't I jump on this offer? Well, there are several reasons (please bear with me as I try to unravel all the confused thought in my head):

1. Although I love the SST/Cross Fit model, I'm not sure I want to train my clients in that manner. My thought is to do a combination of tradition weight exercises, plyometrics (based on level of fitness, of course), and some of the agility and balance stuff that SST puts you through. And that plan would work better at my house, I think...

2. I really want to work one-on-one with women. To me, a personal training session can feel almost as indulgent as a good massage, and much of that has to do with how great it feels to have someone focused ONLY on you and what you want. (Besides, both massages and good workouts leave you feeling tired and in need of a shower, right?) Anyway, I'm not sure if the SST facility would feel strange in a one-on-one session.

3. So maybe I sound like a big baby here, but I really like the idea of creating my own workout space. It's going to be happy yellow, and the secondary colors will be blue and green and I have art for the walls (a very cool watercolor titled "The Woman Who Wanted it All" that shows a woman reaching for a star and pulling it down from the night sky) AND I ordered my water bottle labels on Friday. (I'll be sure to post pictures once I get them.)

But here's an different plan that might make sense. I truly believe that what SST and Cross Fit are doing are fabulous workouts. But they're not for everyone, at least not people who are really deconditioned. So what if I were to get certified as a Cross Fit instructor, or did whatever it takes to lead workouts at SST, and then maybe twice a week, I lead a women's class there? I was telling Steve that I can reach women that he can't reach, because so many women would look at him as a strength coach and with his decades of experience, and completely dismiss his methods as having any relevance to them. But they might look at me, and say, "Hey, if she can do it, maybe I can do it!"

So that's where things are. I did SST again this morning, and will be doing a walk/run/skippy thing for part of the kids gymnastics time this afternoon. Maybe that will help to clear my head. Can't hurt, right?


Brit-Man said...

Hay Leslie. I am similar to you in this thinking. A few years ago a big gym, one of the mutli-national sorts, opened up a few miles away.

Some people were enticed away from my old Gym, but me being me, I heard about the so called 200 pieces of equipment, pool and other stuff, and wasn't impressed, mainly as I don't swim, and realised I used about 10-12 pieces of equipment. Nowhere near 200.

Mine was smaller but more sociable, mostly felt like a small community, which was good.

I know you'll make a great job of this, and the main thing is to be happy with it, because if you promote yourself as one type of trainer, and then a few months later don't feel happy working that way, it could be difficult to promote yourself as a different trainer, and also risk losing some existing clients.

Your attitude to things is amazing, and I'm sure you will make your business a huge success.

I have nothing but admiration, and praise for you, and I think your new path is exactly right, for someone with your Heart, passion, and people skills.

GOOD LUCK, and no, you don't sound like a big baby, you sound like a confident, assured business woman. After all, however wonderful some opportunities or chances may sound, to a lot of people, they can't be wonderful for all those people.

Best wishes :-) :-).


Eileen said...

I think Steve K has the hots for you!

OK, I'm just kidding, a little, but it is cool that he thinks so highly of you.

I like the idea of your own space too though.

oldLobo said...

Getting your toes wet in the business by operating out of an established facility is not a bad way to go at all, even if things aren't 100% the way you would want them - which they never will be at someone else's business. You could start your own business later with some experience gained. Let your instinct be your guide, though. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it.