Thursday, October 26, 2006

Focus, discipline, energy

I got the words in the title from "Brothers of IRON", the autobiography of Joe and Ben Weider. My hope is that I will bring focus, discipline, and energy to the NASM training this weekend, to my clients that I work with, and to my life in every area.

I worked with two clients today and enjoyed every single minute. I know that I'm getting noticed around my gym, which isn't a great thing, since they have their own trainers (I'm still not accepting compensation for training). But how can you not get noticed when the gym trainers take people to different machines, set the weight, and count, where I'm doing stuff like having races on the rowing machines with my clients or doing lunge walks together around the gym??? When I get scared about this weekend, I'm going to remember my words (focus, discipline, energy) and remember what I'm working towards.

To that end, I've been listening to some of my hypnosis CDs again. I'm not entirely certain that they help, but they sure can't hurt. The ones I've been listening to are "Ultimate Confidence" and "Resolution Activator" both from

One final note (and then I must pack for San Diego!) -- I'm designing my business cards. I think stuff like this is super fun. I think I'm going to use two fonts from a scrapbooking website called Two Peas in a Bucket. Here's the text:

A personal training service

Leslie Gandy, CPT

Hard work pays off!

Once I get it formatted, I'll put up the copy so you can see.

Ok, time to shower, pack, mom-up for afternoon pickup, then head to the airport. Wish me luck!

Oh, and I scheduled my test. It's happening on Friday, November 3rd at 11:00. If anyone has any extra brain cells they'd like to toss my way...


oldLobo said...

Be very careful about training with your clients. The young guy who coaches my Run Fit group hurt himself this way. He'd run with us oldsters and his high school kids, plus he did his own workouts (he was training for the Chicago marathon). It broke him down and he missed the race. As the old beer commercial said: Know when to say when.

I seem to have lost all my spare brain cells last Sunday. Sorry.

Brit-Man said...

First things first. You are going to rock on your test Leslie, you're a very, very compitent, and intelligent woman, so you're going to be fine.

Keep your head held high, trust in yourself, and don't worry about anything else. You're more than capable of doing this, and getting the right result.


2. I've seen the flim Pumping Iron II the Women, from 1983, and all I will say is, Ben Weider proved himself to be nothing short of a disgrace to the industry, for his treament of one competitor.

I'll say no more than that.

The main thing is, to keep believing in yourself, and don't ever let yourself feel like you can't do this, you want it enough, and that'a a big plus, and you'll make it on the test, and prove yourself ot be every inch the PT you're capable of being.

You've a lot of heart, and human skills, and you inspire people, so this is a perfect way to use all those attributes, and carry on being the successful woman you are.

GOOD LUCK again, and don't worry abotu anything, just be yourself, keep believing, and you'll achieve everything you are capable of.

:-) :-).


Kana said...

Hey girl...AWESOME that you already have clients. HOW FUN!! I am looking forward to seeing your business cards. Enjoy the weekend..and congrats on your new endeavors. Hugs..Dede

Jen said...

Great for you, Leslie! Way to go!