Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fight Gone Bad

That was today's SST workout. After 30 minutes of warmup, agility, and speed work, we did this progression three times:

Rowing machine -- 1 minute
Wall ball -- 1 minute
Wide stance sumo deadlift -- 1 minute
Box jumps -- 1 minute
Push press -- 1 minute
rest (hooray) -- 1 minute

Coach Valentino said it is one of the hardest workouts they have, and I'm SURE he's right. In case anyone is tempted to recreate it, here are some detailed notes on each exercise:

Rowing machine -- self-explanatory, no notes
Wall ball -- 8 pound Dynamax ball, like shooting a free throw in basketball, but when it comes back to you, do a deep squat (we were using another Dynamax ball as a reference point, which means you squat to about 10" off the ground)
Wide stance... -- you're in a plie stance (but they don't call it that at SST!) using a kettlebell or hand weight. Holding the weight between your legs with knees bent, you kind of pop with your lower body to straighten legs, and lift the weight up to your chest, with elbows above your hands.
Box jumps -- on 12" box. Jump up with both feet, then step off one at a time (to avoid catching your toe and wiping out!)
Push press -- I'm sure this move is detailed better on the internet, but using a weight bar (mine was 10 pounds, cuz my shoulder is STILL hurting from the bingo injury!) you start with the bar at your shoulders, hands a little more than shoulder width apart. You do a shallow squat, then pop with your hips to drive the bar overhead, ending with straight legs and straight arms with the bar over your head.

If you decide to try this, good luck!

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Brit-Man said...

CONGRATS on the continued efforts Leslie, you are doing a brilliant job, and reading about it is inspiring and impressive.

Keep up the hard work and GOOD LUCK, you have every righ to feel thoroughly proud of yourself.

:-) :-).