Friday, October 20, 2006

Don't be stupid. Do something!

I've been having problems with my right arm and shoulder -- yep the "good" one -- and I've been ignoring the symptoms (shooting pains, hurting all the time) for a month now. Yes, this is still from the bingo injury of a LONG time ago. So anyway, I hurt it even more on Wednesday, so much so that I couldn't use my right arm to do simple stuff like eat, brush my teeth, or fix my hair.

So here's the plan -- I'm going to take a week off of everything -- SST and working out the Darla -- so it can get better. Then I'll reevaluate at the end of a week. Well, today taking a week off looked like doing TWO lower body workouts and TWO cardio workouts. This morning I went to the gym and did a lot of bodyweight stuff, then jumped onto the leg press machine for a killer set of single and double leg presses. Then headed upstairs for the ARC trainer, where I did 30 minutes of intervals. So then Tim gets home and wants to go to the gym while one kid is at gymnastics, and the other is at the school carnival with a group of friends. So I head back to the gym for more legs (cuz it's all I can do) and more cardio. Oh, and I did stability ball jack-knifes for abs, and I'm already sore!

Eating was clean till tonight. I did 4-1/2 days in a row, which is a true miracle, and tonight gave in to the call of the brownies. Well, tomorrow's another day, right?


Brit-Man said...

Hay Leslie, just had to say you should be so, so proud of yourself, for sticking to your guns whilst you're a little hor de combat.

I've heard of people not working out for a week, with things like a slightly bruised Toe or a cough, and it's self destructive.

The fact you're doing Leg work, Cardio etc etc, is why you should be proud, because you've gotten about as much out of this situation as you can, and not allowed negativity to take hold of your mental state.

Unlike some who'd skip a week, then probably another few days, when they were okay again, you'll be keeping your mind focused on your lifestyle goals / needs, and you'll be fired up to do the things you can't right now.

As far as I'm concerned, your attitude to this slight setback, is awesome, and proves how mentally and emotionally strong you are :-).

I hope you do get over your slight problem, and you feel the best you can as soon as you can.

I'm sparing you a few thoughts right now and I wish you well.

GOOD LUCK with everything you're doing Leslie, and keep up the hard workyou are a true inspiration, and you are doing fantastically well :-) :-).


Eileen said...

Ouch...hope it gets better. You are a dynamo though with all that other stuff. Me thinks you earned the brownies....

Greg said...

So is this two seperate injuries or is it one? I can hardly do barbell bench press anymore cause I get real bad tendonitus in my elbow. Age is a killer. Well at least your getting your leg work done.

KatieFeldmom said...

Hope your arm/shoulder feels better soon. Take care of yourself.