Monday, October 16, 2006

Nutrition tracking

I weighed myself this weekend, after feeling like my clothes were a little snug, and sure enough, it's time to pull in the reins and get cleaner with my eating. So I'm back to using Fit Day to track my nutrition. It's good to be more mindful of what you put into your body. But yesterday, I did an SST workout (me and three high school football players -- a little intimidating, for sure!), and in a moment of weakness as I passed our farmer's market, I bought some apple cinnamon bread with lots of gooey glaze all over the top. And knowing that I was going to clean things up today, I had more than my share of slices of bread -- yum!

It helps if I think of food as fuel, or of eating for health. (My friend Shelly reminded me of the eating for health thing.) There's a very rebellious part of me that resists being told what to eat, even though the person who's telling me is ... well, me! Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how I do, and hopefully the extra that I'm feeling on my inner thighs and around my lower abs will be gone soon.


Brit-Man said...

I'll admit here and now, I'm a fussy eater. I won't eat a lot of rubbish, but if I occasionally have the odd Roast Potato, or Sausage now and then, I won't worry about it.

Although I have removed a few unneccessary things out of my diet, but I'm not someone who particularly watches every calorie, well I've never really had to.

I'm not criticising people like you, who are mindful of pretty much every calorie, as your own physical state is a very personal and important thing, same as it is to all of us, who live this way.

The main thing is to develop and recognise your own upper levels of ability, and know when you don't make them, if you need to be a little hard on yourself, or go easy and not punish yourself, for tiny little flaws in the regime.

You'll know right now, if you're doing things you feel are detrimental to the regimen, or if they're little one offs, that are easily conrtolled, and aren't harming progress, so you'll find a way to curb little physical annoyances, and maximise the levels of confidence and assurity, you can have in your methods :-).

I know you'll overcome this microscopic blot on the landcape.

You have the heart and dedication, to overcome pretty much anythng.

GOOD LUCK, walk tall, and don't stop smiling and feeling proud of yourself. You've done a lot of great things for your inner and outer health, and you deserve to feel amazing.

Take care leslie, and have a brilliant day.

You are a real inspiration.

:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

Since I have had surgery last week and am out for the next few weeks on workout, which is by the way how I keep my weight steading, I'm also having to think about everything that goes into my mouth. Leslie, let's do it together. Your fellow Rocklin Buddy. I will be doing the hill soon though.